Handling of electronic procedures realised via biznes.gov.pl

Electronic services realised via portal biznes.gov.pl

Electronic point of single contact operated by the Ministry of Development facilitates contacts between entrepreneurs and administration. It enables to send to the offices general documents and to complete most of administrative formalities electronically. It contributes to the implementation of dozens of administrative procedures owing to forms dedicated to different procedures. On the part of administration, biznes.gov.pl facilitates contact with entrepreneurs through automation processes connected with conducting official correspondence.

List of available procedures

How to handle a matter online via biznes.gov.pl from the perspective of an entrepreneur


Importantly, public entities using biznes.gov.pl do not need to build their own IT systems to enable a citizen contact and completion of administrative formalities electronically.

In order to handle administrative matters addressed from biznes.gov.pl, offices must meet the following requirements:

  • having mailbox on ePUAP platform (Electronic Platform for Public Services - www.epuap.gov.pl),
  • having a secure electronic signature, verified by means of a valid qualified certificate.

Note!!! In accordance with Article 107 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, decisions issued in the form of an electronic document should bear a secure electronic signature, verified only by means of a valid qualified certificate.

More on e-signature

ePUAP platform made available Electronic Mailbox ( ESP, there is obligation to have it arising from article 46 (10) of the Code of Administrative Procedure), which enables public authorities to fulfil the obligation, resulting from the act on computerization of entities realising public tasks in terms of accepting documents in electronic form ( applications and requests and acknowledgement of their receipts).

Electronic documents submitted by users of biznes.gov.pl get to public entities via the ePUAP platform which is integrated with biznes.gov.pl.  Integration also allows to direct correspondence in the opposite direction.

Communication with users of biznes.gov.pl

Electronic documents submitted by users of contact point biznes.gov.pl get to public entities via ePUAP owing to the fact that biznes.gov.pl is integrated with ePUAP platform. Integration allows also to direct correspondence to users

Receiving documents submitted by biznes.gov.pl users

  • From office

After acceptance of the documents by electronic mail box ( ESP), system automatically generates official acknowledgement of receipt (UPO) which is an equivalent of accepting documents in paper form. UPO is created automatically so there is no need for an additional confirmation of receipt by the office.

  • The user

In the case of using biznes.gov.pl services, the official acknowledgement of receipt (UPO) is delivered to entrepreneur as an official certification of submission (UPP) and provides proof of delivery of e-application. UPP is generated by ePUAP after transmission of e-document from ePK.  Importantly, also this activity is done automatically by the system.

Preview of UPP is possible at any time for both entrepreneur who has account on biznes.gov.pl and office in its electronic mailbox on ePUAP  in tab Inbox.


Together with UPP the office receives information concerning the mode of signing e-document. Functionality of ePUAP allows to preview the correspondence sent along with attachments in electronic form. Diagram of the workflow of communications and information related to the receipt of e-documents is set out below:

Sending electronic documents by office to applicants

  • From office

As mentioned earlier, integration of biznes.gov.pl with ePUAP enables office to send reply  to ePK users. In case of drawing up a reply on ePUAP the relevant data of addressee and office are placed automatically on e-document.

Notice! Biznes.gov.pl is a computer system of a public entity – the Ministry of Development, therefore documents addressed from office to biznes.gov.pl users within the system should have UPP - official certification of submission. The picture below presents the correct designation of the mode of sending.

The official attestation of delivery (UPD) applies only if correspondence takes place directly with the non-public entity (e.g. citizen, entrepreneur) via the ePUAP.


After sending e-document, office receives from biznes.gov.pl official certification of submission (UPP), a confirmation of receipt of e-document by biznes.gov.pl in order to deliver it to the addressee. The confirmation is accompanied by instructions sent in a separate announcement explaining the follow-up of e-document and containing data on the processing of data in biznes.gov.pl. Instructions are given for information purpose and do not have to be replied.

In turn, the document proving that the message was delivered to the contact point biznes.gov.pl user is an official attestation of delivery(UPD).  This document is sent to the user together with this document. Before reading the document it is necessary to sign the received UPD. On receipt of the document the user is informed by a message sent twice to the e-mail address indicated in the contact point biznes.gov.pl (on receipt of the letter and after 7 days). If a user cannot read document and 14 days had passed from the first notification, biznes.gov.pl in accordance with the Code of Administrative Procedure generates UPD and service shall be deemed to have taken place.  In such a case, the UPD contains information on not reading the letter. Information on arrival of attestation of delivery (UPD) is published on the office's ePUAP electronic mailbox (sender of the letter).



  • From the applicant

The contact point biznes.gov.pl informs the entrepreneur by mail that he had received a letter and, in case of not- collecting it, next notification is generated after 7 days. To collect the document an entrepreneur (the user) has 14 days from the date of the notification on the possibility of its receipt in the form of an electronic document. 

UPD is issued in real time (after being signed by the addressee or after 14 days). What is important is that, despite the running of procedural deadlines (time to explain, draw up the appeal) the addressee will be able to consult the content of the document sent to him/her also at a later date. Together with this document there is available information on the date on which the letter is deemed to have been received and with dates of sending earlier notifications.

The mode of delivering official documents electronically is presented in the following diagram:

The entrepreneur may attach to the application the required documents in the form of electronic copies i.e. scans. In communication with the entrepreneur it must be kept in mind that the administrative authority cannot require information which are familiar to them, which they have in their records or may be obtained  by contacting the other offices. Find out more about the restriction of the right to demand documents.

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