Economic Information Offices  facilitate access to economic  information and unreliable debtors.  Offices provide services on a commercial basis, but their activity is regulated by the Act of 9 April 2010 on making available economic information and exchange of economic data.  The supervision shall be carried out by the Minister responsible for economic affairs.


Offices in Poland

The National Debt Register - Office of Economic Information SA provides services to all economic entities, ranging from  sole traders,  small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations.  KRD BIG SA has created  an economic information  exchange system which consolidates  all branches of the economy.  From the services of the National Debt Register can also use natural persons, municipalities and secondary creditors. More information.

Information Economic Office InfoMonitor(BIG InfoMonitor) keeps a Register of Debtors. It also gives access to database of Credit Information Bureau and Polish Bank Association. It is a platform for the exchange of information between the banking sector and other sectors of economy, collects and provides reliable economic information and makes available the unique data from the banking sector on meeting the financial liabilities.  It also supports the processes of debt recovery and certifies the financial reliability of customers and counterparties. More information


Debtors Register ERIF Economic Information Office S.A. supports Polish entrepreneurs in terms of prevention and management of  receivables. More information. 


KBIG — National Economic Information Office is part of a multinational Group Deltavista.  It cooperates with the offices from Western Europe.  Information about unreliable payers disclosed in KBIG will be available also in foreign markets.  Services provided by KBIG allow for ongoing business risk assessment of each market transaction.  More information.


National Information on Telecommunications Debts was created with a view to support the telecom market and security of financial transactions. More information. 


Other institutions


Although it is not, as mentioned above, the economic information office, Credit Information Bureau SA plays an important role to strengthen safety and security of financial turnover.  It was created by the banks on the initiative of the Polish Bank Association.  The main task is to collect and report data relating to credit history of customers of banks and SKOK.  More information.

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