Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity

The Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) was created on the basis of the Act of 2 July 2004 on freedom of economic activity.  It includes information on entrepreneurs exercising their activity in Poland.  Access to it is free of charge — you can use the search engine available at www.firma.gov.pl and find a company after its name, the tax identification number (NIP), REGON or KRS number.  CEIDG is operated by the competent minister responsible for economy.

The task of CEIDG is:

  • keeping register of entrepreneurs who are natural persons
  • the provision of information on entrepreneurs and other entities within the scope indicated in the Act
  • enabling access to data made available free of charge by the Central Information of National Court Register
  • enabling to determine the timing and the scope of the changes to entries in the CEIDG and  the authority entering data.

The following data are subject to entry in CEIDG:

  • company of entrepreneur and his identification number (PESEL), if available
  • identification number of entrepreneur REGON, if available
  • tax identification number (NIP), if available
  • information about the Polish nationality of entrepreneur, if he/she has such, and other nationalities of the entrepreneur
  • the designation of a place of residence and address, an address for service and an address at which the economic activity is performed and if the entrepreneur carries out his activity outside the place of residence - principal place of business and a branch, provided one has been established;  these data are in accordace with code mark adopted in the national official register of territorial division of the country
  • e-mail address of entrepreneur and his/her website address, if has one
  • date of commencement of performance of economic activity
  • designation of objects of carried out economic activities, according to the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD)
  • information on existence or cessation of matrimonial property
  • information on the agreement of a civil-law partnership if one has been concluded
  • data of the representative authorised to conduct the affairs of the entrepreneur, unless the entrepreneur has granted the general power of attorney
  • information on the suspension and the resumption of economic activity
  • information on the reduction or loss of legal capacity and establishing a guardian
  • information on the declaration of bankruptcy with the option of reaching an agreement, the declaration of bankruptcy involving the liquidation of assets of the debtor, modification of the bankruptcy order with a possiblity to conclude an arrangement on the provision concerning the declaration of bankruptcy involving the liquidation of assets of the debtor and the conclusion of those proceedings
  • information on the initiation of recovery proceedings
  • information on the prohibition of the conduct of economic activity as set out in the entry in the CEIDG
  • information on the removal of entrepreneur from CEIDG, on the date of permanent cessation of activity (if reported), information on the transformation of an entrepreneur who is a natural person into a single-member company. 

Making data available on the CEIDG

  • Issues related to access to data from the CEIDG are regulated by the Act on freedom of economic activity.
  • Data and information made available on the CEIDG are public (it doesn't apply to the PESEL number, date of birth, and contact details, sharing of which entitled person objected to). They are made available to everyone on the CEIDG website
  • CEIDG shall make available its data and information to state authorities in order to carry out their regulatory tasks. 
  • Historical data from business registers - of natural persons (who finished their activity before 1 July 2011) are provided by municipalities. 
  • On May 19, 2016, new provisions entered into force introducing, inter alia, making available free of charge data from the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity to entities who wish to obtain public data of a large number of businesses (wholesale). 

Do you want to obtain data from the CEIDG?  Apply online on the platform https://datastore.ceidg.gov.pl. It is necessary to set up an account and submit an application bearing a qualified electronic signature

For more information on the procedures for obtaining data visit CEIDG website.



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