Land registers online

It is possible to review land register via the Internet from June 2010 owing to the publicly accessible and free of charge Central Database.  Looking through land register located in a Central Database is available via the Internet, by providing a number of a land register kept in electronic form.  The content of the land register located in a Central Database can be reviewed togeter with entries made by the court.  So far, however, it was not possible to obtain copies or to freely search for land registers. 
Draft legislation guidelines for the draft Act amending the Act on land and mortgage registers, prepared by the Ministry of Justice and adopted by the Council of Ministers in July 2012, amends the existing state of affairs.  In particular, it will be possible to submit an application for a copy, payment using an electronic system and then printing and using with the same effect as a document issued by the Central Land Registry Office.  The qualified entities will be also free to consult the land register according to the criterion chosen.  This is a further step towards the digitisation of justice. 

More information about new forms of access to land registries may be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice.


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