The National Official Business Register of entities of the national economy (REGON)

The National Official Business Register of entities of the national economy (REGON) was created on the basis of the Act of 29 June 1995 on official statistics. 

The register is a continuously updated database of entities of the national economy conducted in the IT system in the form of a central database. 

REGON is kept by the Central Statistical Office. 

REGON provides, inter alia:

  • identification cohesion of national economy entities entered in other official registers and information systems of the public administration,
  • uniformity of descriptions used in all the official registers and information systems of public administration,
  • an overview of entities of the natioonal economy operating in the fields of: territorial ownership, types of activities, legal forms, etc.,
  • a database selected for statistical surveys. 

Who is covered by the entry in REGON?

All of the following must be entered in the REGON:  legal persons, organisational entities without legal personality, natural persons carrying out an economic activity (including those operating individual agricultural holdings), local units of the above-mentioned entities. 

The following information shall be entered in the register:

  • the name and address of the establishment and, in the case of self-employed natural persons - additionally surname and names and place of residence and the personal identification number (PESEL), if available,
  • tax identification number NIP, if available,
  • the identification numbers of the partners in civil-law partnerships (if they have them) surname and names or a company of partners of civil law partnership with PESEL number of natural person conducting activity, if available,
  • legal form and form of ownership,
  • conducted activity, including the type of predominant activity,
  • date of: setting up an entity, start of economic activity, suspension and resumption of activity, entry in the records or register, closing of activity or removal from the register, entry or removal from the register of entities,
  • the name of registration authority, name of register, and number assigned by the authority,
  • the expected number of persons employed;
  • in the case of agricultural holdings the total area of agricultural land and area of arable land,
  • local players in this area, with the exception of the information on the tax identification number NIP, legal form and ownership form,
  • telephone number and fax number, e-mail address and the website, if entity has such and gives them to the register of operators. 

Each entity is assigned a unique identification number (REGON). 

Entities in the register can be found through the search engine of the Central Statistical Office.

REGON number is automatically assigned during registration of a company in the CEIDG and KRS.  Exception -  application for assigning REGON is submitted by civil law partnerships. Find out more about applying for entry in the REGON.

Detailed rules for the keeping and updating of the register shall be laid down by a Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 30 November 2015 concerning the manner and methodology for maintaining and updating the National Official Business Register, application forms, surveys and certificates.

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