Rejestr tłumaczy przysięgłych

Register shall be kept by the Ministry of Justice.  Legislative acts regulating the profession of a sworn translator include:

On the website of the Ministry of Justice there is a search engine which simplifies finding an interpreter in the register (on the basis of, inter alia, location, name and surname, language).  The list does not include data of persons who have been suspended in the activities of sworn translator.

In which situations a sworn translation will be necessary?

Using the services of a sworn translator is required when documents have to be translated, e.g. sale and purchase agreements, marriage certificates, birth certificates, judicial documents, civil-law agreements, various certificates, notarial deeds, extracts from the business registers for foreign activity.  It should also be borne in mind how important the role of translation in the procedure of recognising professional qualifications in Poland is.  In the case of documents that are of particular relevance for carrying out the proceedings, the competent authority may require a copy of translation by a sworn translator.  Another situation where  presence of sworn translator is necessary is signing the act of incorporation of the company before a notary, where the shareholder is a foreign national who does not speak Polish.

Should foreign accounting documents be translated?

Receiving foreign invoives an entrepreneur is not obliged to translate them automatically.  However, there are also situations where the control authority may request the translation.  According to the Accounting Act, on demand of control authorities or the statutory auditor reliable translation into Polish of the content indicated by evidence thereof, drawn up in a foreign language should be provided.  In the rules of the tax code concerning inspection can be found a provision on the obligation to submit, at the request of the incumbent, the Polish translation of a foreign  documents which matters are subject to such control.  The provisions of this Act do not state explicitly the need to translate documents by a sworn translator (in practice, simple translations are allowed).  Such translation necessarily will be the most reliable.


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