Inne ewidencje Ministerstwa Sprawiedliwości


In addition to the registers, such as inter alia:  National Court Register, National Criminal Register, Register of  Pledges,  Land registry online, the Ministry of Justice makes available other useful registers.

List of courts of law

On the websites of the Ministry of Justice one can find a list of courts through which you can reach the websites of courts of appeal and district courts.

The list of bailiffs

If you are looking for contact with  bailiff, use search engine on the websites of the Ministry of Justice.  You will find a list of divisions of the courts of appeal and bailiffs working with them.  In addition, you may search for a bailiff on e.g. name, town or the court, where he operates.

List of persons holding a restructuring advisor licence

From 1 January 2016, as a result of the new restructuring law , licence of receiver was replaced by licence of restructuring advisor.  He shall carry out the actions taken by the receiver, supervisors and manager (under restructuring law) but also, provides advice on the restructuring.  On the websites of the Ministry of Justice you can find a list of persons holding a licence of restructuring advisor.

Check also how the procedure for obtaining a license of advisor looks like.



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