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Suggest your facilitation for business

Do you have an idea that could make life easier for Polish entrepreneurs? Do you want to propose changes in the law that will create better conditions for business? You don't know what to do to make your voice heard? We are here to help.

We have created the Voice of Entrepreneur tab - here (as the name suggests) your voice is the most important. With the help of a simple form you can submit your proposals to us. We will analyse them all, evaluate and think about how they can be implemented.

Thanks to you, we can:

  • simplify legislation relating to economic activity
  • remove unnecessary and burdensome obligations
  • support companies in conducting foreign trade
  • remove barriers to investment in Poland

How does the Voice of Entrepreneur work?

If you want to give us your proposal, log in to, go to the Voice of Entrepreneur page and use the online form (click on the button: SUBMIT A NEW IDEA).

Our specialists will look at your application and after the initial verification they will publish it on the website. Other users will be able to comment on your idea and give feedback. The best-rated projects will be submitted to the relevant authorities, which will ultimately decide whether and when to implement them.

We are waiting for ideas in categories:

  • the development of economic activity
  • rights and obligations of the entrepreneur
  • financing
  • bringing innovative products and services to the market
  • foreign trade
  • information for entrepreneurs
  • investing in Poland

Why is it worth using the Voice of Entrepreneur?

  • every logged in user can submit his idea without unnecessary formalities
  • your idea is sent to the competent authority, which has the power to implement it.
  • you decide which proposals for changes are the most interesting and worth implementing
  • thanks to the comments option you can see how your idea is evaluated by other entrepreneurs, you can also comment on and evaluate ideas of other entrepreneurs.
  • you are kept informed of what is happening to your idea (e.g. whether it has been rejected, submitted for consultation or implemented)

Do you know how to make your business easier? Take advantage of the Voice of the Entrepreneur and see how your proposal is evaluated by other entrepreneurs!