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Registration of a limited joint-stock partnership in the National Court Register

If you want to open a limited joint-stock partnership, you must enter it in the register of entrepreneurs in the National Court Register. Below you will learn how to do it.

How to handle a matter

A matter can be hadled:

  • by post
  • electronically
  • w sądzie

Handle online

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What you should know and who can benefit from the service

A limited joint-stock partnership is a partnership whose purpose is to run a business under its own name, in which at least one partner is liable to creditors for the company's liabilities without limitation (general partner), and at least one partner is a shareholder.

Manner of submitting an application

Required documents

The entry of a limited joint-stock partnership in the National Court Register is made on the basis of an application.

The submitted application form should be completed in Polish, legibly, by machine, computer or hand, in capital letters. Application form should be accompanied by:

  • KRS-WA form - branches, local organisational units
  • KRS-WH form - the method of establishment of the entity
  • KRS-WB form - general partners of limited joint-stock partnership
  • KRS-WG - share issue
  • KRS-WK form - organs of the entity / partners authorized to represent the partnership
  • KRS-WM form - subject of activity
  • KRS-WL form - proxies
  • articles of association
  • statement by the Management Board on the contribution of capital
  • proofs of payment of the fees

Documents on the basis of which an entry in the National Court Register is made shall be submitted in originals or officially certified copies or extracts.
If the application is returned, it may be resubmitted within 7 days from the date of delivery of the return order to the applicant. If the application resubmitted does not contain any deficiencies, it shall take effect from the date of the original filing. Such effect shall not occur in the event of subsequent return of the application, unless the return is due to deficiencies not previously indicated.
The official forms shall be made available at the seats of the courts and on the website of the Ministry of Justice.


  • PLN 500 - court fee for registration
  • PLN 100 - fee for announcing the entry in Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy (Court and Economic Monitor)

You can pay the court fee and the fee for announcing the entry in the Court and Economic Monitor:

If you want to pay non-cash, you can either transfer money to the court account (see court account numbers), or use the e-Płatności system to make a transfer from your bank account, pay by credit card or payment card.

Court with jurisdiction to decide on your application

Documents must be submitted to the district court (commercial court) with jurisdiction over the seat of the entity applying for entry.

Where you can handle the matter

The service can be handled at:

  • District Court
Aby dowiedzieć się gdzie zrealizować usługę, podaj siedzibę.

How long will you wait

An application for entry of a limited joint-stock partnership in the National Court Register shall be examined by the registry court no later than within 7 days from the date of its receipt by the court. If examination of the application requires a summons to rectify the deficiencies, the application should be examined within 7 days from their rectification by the applicant. If examination of the application requires listening to the participants of the proceedings or conducting a hearing, the application should be examined no later than within one month.

How can you appeal

The court examines the case concerning entry in the register in non-contentious proceedings. If, as a result of the proceedings, it is decided not to make an entry in the register, the party will have the right to appeal. The appeal is lodged with the district court via the court that issued the decision within two weeks of its delivery (together with a justification).

It is good to know

Remember that in addition to the registration of the partnership in the National Court Register, you must submit additional data (e.g. bank account numbers, information about the special status of the partnerships, the expected number of employees or the place of business and contact details) to:

  • Social Insurance Institution (within 7 days of starting business)
  • Central Tax Office and Tax Office (within 21 days of registration in the National Court Register)

You will report it using the NIP-8 form.

Changing data

If, after the registration of the partnership, there are changes requiring notification (e.g. change of seat, change of company, change of composition of the partnership), the application should be submitted no later than within 7 days from the date of the occurrence of this event.

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