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Additional obligations after registration of the company: obtaining permits, registration of the fiscal cash register, RTV receivers

If you have registered your company, made appropriate applications to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Tax Office, registered as a VAT payer, and for some types of business you will still have a few things to do.

Activity requiring a licence/permit/entry in the register

Certain activities require special authorisation. They are called regulated activities. Depending on the type of business, this may be:

  • licence
  • permit
  • entry in the register of regulated activity.

Before starting a business, if you already know what kind of company you want to open, check if you do not need a license, permit or entry in the register of regulated activity.

Enter the type of activity you want to perform or your PKD code. When you click on the chosen activity, additional information about the business will be provided. 

Cash register

If you intend to sell goods or services to consumers, you will have to buy and register a cash register after you have registered your company.

Registration of RTV receiver

Each company which owns radio or television sets in a condition enabling immediate reception of the programme is obliged to register them at the appropriate post office within 14 days from the date of their purchase. Companies are obliged to pay subscription fees for each radio and television receiver they own, including the radio receivers in their company cars.

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