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Notification to the tax office and the Central Statistical Office after registration of the company

Have you registered a sole trader or a partnership? Each entrepreneur has their own NIP (tax identification number they use in their contacts with the tax office) and REGON (it is the number in the register of the Central Statistical Office). See what you should do after registration with regard to NIP (which you will use as an entrepreneur) and REGON.

Sole trader

  • After the registration of the company, there is no need to provide additional information to the tax office or the Central Statistical Office. NIP and REGON numbers are assigned automatically during registration.
  • Information on granting the NIP should be sent to CEIDG by the Tax Office no later than on the working day following the day of receipt of a correct application from CEIDG.

Civil law partnership

  • After the registration of the company in REGON, the identification application should be submitted to the tax office and the company's tax identification number should be obtained - the application should be submitted on NIP-2 (and NIP-D) form.
  • After obtaining the NIP and REGON numbers of the established civil law partnership, each of its partners must change the entry in the Central Register and Business Activity Information. The application is submitted on the CEIDG-1 form and must contain the NIP and REGON numbers of the civil law partnership. You do not have to pay a fee to apply.

Partnerships registered in the National Court Register

  • When registering the partnership, the Tax Office and the Central Statistical Office will be automatically notified (the partnership will receive NIP and REGON). The information on granting the NIP to the National Court Register may be submitted within 3 days. 
  • Partnerships registered in the National Court Register are obliged to provide, after registration, the so-called supplementary data (i.e. data which they did not provide upon registration), such as e.g. bank account numbers, information on the special status of the companies, expected number of employees or places of business, as well as contact details. These data are sent to the Central Statistical Office (ZUS), the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the Tax Office. These data should be provided by the company within 7 (data for ZUS) or 21 (data for GUS and the Tax Office) days from the date of registration of the partnership in the National Court Register. These data are given in a single form (NIP-8), which the company submits to the Tax Office, competent for the registered office.
  • The data transferred to the office are automatically transferred to the ZUS (Central Register of Contribution Payers) and GUS (National Official Register of National Economy Entities) systems. The NIP-8 can be submitted on paper or electronically. NIP-8 can be submitted by the system e-Deklaracje

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