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How to handle official matters and sign documents online at

Sending letters to offices via the Internet via

With you can settle many official matters without leaving home!

Handling official matters by means of - why is it worth?


  • you will find institutions and the appropriate office to suit your case (contact details of the office, types of procedures performed)
  • you will settle the matter without leaving home - you will send the application to the office via the Internet or you will create letters ready for printing, you can attach additional documents to the applications
  • you have an account to which you receive information on the progress of your case
  • you have access to key business information at your fingertips
  • Help Centre, where you can use the help of consultants is at your disposal

How to handle official matters by

If you want to contact the authorities by, the first step is to register - create a user account for The whole process takes a few minutes and the data you need is your name and e-mail address. You should also create your own password.

If you have a Trusted Profile, you do not need to register on - you can log in with a Trusted Profile.


What does registration and logging in to the website mean?

You will not have to enter your data every time on the documents you want to send. After logging in, the data fields will be filled in automatically.

Many services have dedicated templates for electronic forms, which enable offices to automatically decrypt and process the data received in them. The use of specific formulas also allows to limit the number of errors in the application and facilitates its filling in.

The contact point provides e-services dedicated to about 300 different procedures. Module for sending applications:

provides assistance in filling in the right form (step-by-step wizard)
eliminates the need for re-entering the basic data (automatic use of information already completed)
it allows the form to be sent electronically to the office indicated or its printout
provides for the possibility of receiving a reply from the office (decision, letter of formal notice)
indicates the date of implementation and the course (status) of the case and makes it possible to assign the letter/reply of the office to the appropriate case
All information about the possibility of handling the matter on-line can be found in the descriptions of services, using the service search engine.

The link to the e-service is provided in the description, in the form of a blue button.

Sending of documents

You send to the offices:

  • general letters (if no special form is required in your case)
  • ready-made forms

If you don't know if you should send a general letter or a form in your case, don't worry. The system will select the right type of application.

You can attach additional documents (attachments) to the applications sent by

Once the content of the letter has been edited, the form of further communication with the office should be chosen. If you choose the electronic form, letters with a reply must be delivered by the office via electronic means of communication to the e-mail address of the entrepreneur within the framework of

The reply will be sent to your account at and a notification will be sent to your e-mail address about the awaiting correspondence. After 7 days, the system sends another notification, and after 14 days from receiving the letter (reply) from the office, the correspondence is deemed to have been delivered in accordance with the applicable regulations.

If you choose paper form, the answer given by the office will be sent to the address provided in the application (the address must be in Poland).

The delivery process is carried out by the contact point using the ePUAP platform, in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure. Offices receive letters through ePUAP (or systems integrated with ePUAP). The reply is also provided via ePUAP and directed to the entrepreneur's e-mail address, i.e. an electronic box made available to the entrepreneur at the contact point.

How to sign documents on

If you want to send documents to offices via you must have a Trusted Profile or electronic signature.

Which issues will you not be able to handle electronically through

The contact point is constantly expanding the base of procedures that can be handled online. Remember, however, that some procedures will require the use of other services, or for example, the use of paper documents without the possibility of sending scans.

You will not be able to complete services through the contact point:

  • for which there are rules laid down by law for filing an application (e.g. CEIDG, PUE ZUS tax e-declaration - social insurance), it is necessary to use these services,
  • for which there are so-called barriers to electronic communication - e.g. the regulations indicate the need to submit an application in writing or in person, it is required to attach a document, which the applicant does not have in electronic form, and attaching his scan is not allowed.

If you need to send a paper copy of your documents when communicating with the office, you should be aware that you can only attach documents in the form of an electronic copy (scan) to an application submitted electronically if it is a document issued by a public entity. Alternatively, an electronic copy of the document certified by a notary public may be used.

In the case of information which is known or can be determined by the authority itself, the authority may not require additional certificates to be attached to the application.

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