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How to send a general letter

You certainly hav had an issue with the office many times that could not be solved by the official forms. For example, you wanted to send an enquiry, an explanation or a complaint.
That is what the general letter is for. You can send it via

Send a general letter if:

  • you want to establish contact with the office
  • there is no pre-defined form for your case

1. Go to search engine of institutions


2. Find the office to which you want to send the general letter


3. Choose "Send a letter”  


4. Fill in the form as instructed

 If you are not logged in to, you will now have to do so. 

5. Sign and send the completed letter

  • Trusted Profile
  • e-banking
  • qualified signature

If you do not know how to submit a qualified signature, please refer to this instruction manual.

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