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How to sign with a qualified signature (electronic)

Step 1: Select the option "Qualified signature"


Step 2: Download the document


Step 3: Save the document ready to be signed on the disk of your computer


Step 4: Sign the document in the external programme you received with your signature

You don't know how to configure a program for signing? Refer to the instructions:

  • Sigilium Sign 4 or Sigilium Sign 5 (signature provider: Polish Security Printing Works)
  • Szafir 2.0 (signature supplier: National Clearing House)
  • proCentrum SmartSign (signature provider: Asseco Data Systems SA)

Step 5: Load the signed document to the application


  • after signing a document with a qualified signature - do not reopen the file to make any further corrections or to check it (this may cause technical errors that will make it difficult to read the document)
  •  if you are using the Szafir 2.0 program, make sure you are loading the document with XAdES extension

Step 7: Send a signed document to the office

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