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Sending copies of official documents online

Cases where you contact the authorities electronically may require additional documents to be sent. Do you have only paper versions of your documents? This is not a problem. You can scan them and send them to the office. Remember, however, that it will be necessary to sign the attachments and the letter itself with a qualified electronic signature or a Trusted Profile.

You should also be aware that the possibility of attaching scans only applies to copies of documents issued by public bodies. This means that you cannot attach an electronic copy of, for example, a translation or a copy of the document confirming your title to the property. However, an electronic copy of the document, including a private document, may be submitted. In practice, this means that any document, including a private one, can be digitised using the services of a notary and, in some cases, other legal practitioners.

Limitation of the right to request documents

The regulations limiting the right of public administration bodies to demand certificates and statements confirming facts or legal status are also an advantage for entrepreneurs. This applies, inter alia, to the situation where an administrative authority requests information which is known to it, has it in its registers or may obtain it by contacting other offices. Administration shouldn't also involve the applicant if it requires information which it had access to (e.g. identity cards, registration cards and other documents submitted to the office for inspection by the interested party).

If you are nevertheless required by a public authority to provide a certificate or statement to confirm a fact or legal situation, the public authority is required to indicate the specific legal provision that requires such confirmation.

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