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How to settle PIT with regard to economic activity

Rules of calculating and paying advance payments for PIT, revenues and costs, deducting ZUS from tax, filing annual returns, paying PIT, taxes on employment and activity, other important information for entrepreneurs settling PIT

Have you set up a company? If you are taxed with PIT, from the moment of registration you will be obliged to settle this tax under the rules that apply to entrepreneurs.

If you want to settle PIT

Find out how to calculate and pay PIT advances

.As an entrepreneur you will pay tax advances monthly (or quarterly) (you will not be required to do so only if you tax with a tax card).

Find out what is revenue and what is the expense of your business.
When taxing on a general basis (tax scale, flat rate tax) you will be able to classify expenses related to running a business as costs, which will allow you to pay less tax.

Find out how to deduct social security contributions when settling your tax.

If you run a business and settle taxes, you have the possibility to deduct social security contributions (from your income or from your tax depending on the type of contribution).

Settle annual PIT correctly

File an annual tax return in due time (the timing of filing your tax return will vary depending on the type of tax you are taxed with).

Benefit from the reliefs

Take advantage of tax reliefs (e.g. for research and development, online relief, joint settlements of spouses).

Use tax information

If you have any questions about tax matters, please contact the National Tax Information:

22 330 03 30 (from mobile phones)
801 055 055 (from landline phones)
+48 22 330 03 30 (from abroad)
from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tax portal

On the Tax Portal you will find a lot of useful information on tax settlements and tax forms.


The e-Deklaracje system makes it possible to submit tax returns via the Internet.

In addition, the Help Center is at your disposal.

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