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Do IT… in the centre for industrial innovations in Silesia

The Industrial Innovation Centre in Katowice has been established in 2017 by the Polish company JCommerce, which for several years has been conquering the foreign software market for advanced sectors of the economy. The centre is distinguished by its commitment to the development of young talents and cooperation with local research and academic institutions. It is planned to create in next three years nearly one hundred jobs for IT experts. By creating high-quality jobs in one of the priority sector of the Polish economy this initiative fits perfectly into the criteria of Strategy for Responsible Development


– Within the project, we will undertake multidimensional works on existing and new IT tools for industry, including industries such as construction, oil, gas, electricity, energy, automation, robotics, precision and industrial electronics but also electronics for telecommunications, insurance and banking services. All areas implemented under this project require specialised knowledge and experience in relevant domain – explains Piotr Zyguła, JCommerce CEO. To this end our company will employ analysts, software developers, software testers and project managers. They will develop faster and safer algorithms used for production optimization. This  will allow Polish solutions to gain a competitive advantage and strength their position in foreign markets.

The Industrial Innovation Centre is JCommerce’s next step in strategy of development of its services in the field of advanced technologies in the area of Industry 4.0 as well as digital transformation of companies.

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The IT/ICT industry is one the twelve priority industries supported by the Polish