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Specialized R&D Centre for household products

The Household Products Industry has significant position in Poland, which is indicated e.g. by the total value of over PLN 12 billion investments in this sector , of which  PLN 800 million were invested only in 2016. Under new pro-investment law, which extends Special Economic Zones to the whole territory of the country, the sector has a opportunity for even more intensive growth.

BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego constantly increases its involvment in Poland through investments and searching for new areas to expand. Coming up with new conceps of mobility and setting trends in the area of smart homes and cities as well as in Industry 4.0 the company is transforming into leading IoT solutions provider.

The opening by BSH of one the world most advanced R&D centre in Łódź proves company’s leading position in the global household goods market. Total amount of the investment amounts to PLN 80 million. A team of high-class specialists, which will work in this institution, will be responsible for development of appliances manufactured in Poland, particularly clothes dryers and washing machines.

The new BSH R&D centre meansof  innovations and improvments for solutions that are already in use. The centre will occupy the area of 10 000 m2. An important aspect is also its localization in the immediate neighbourhood of the factory of clothes dryers – the only BHS factory of this type in the world.

It should be underlined that building the centre in Łódź could be started by BSH thanks to successful closing  negotiations with the board of the Łódź Special Economic Zone. As a result of the talks BSH obtain sixth permit for running a business in ŁSEZ.

Do you know that …?

The machinery and equipment industry is one the twelve priority industries supported by the Polish government.