The Ministry of Development is the authority operating a central body of government administration - the Minister of Development.

The Ministry of Development is responsible for:

  • the implementation of the strategy for economic and social development,
  • economic policy
  • management of the system of implementation of European Funds.

The specific tasks of the Ministry of Development include cases involving governmental administration departments:

  • regional development,
  • economy.

Regional development department covers, inter alia,  programming and coordination of development policy and the management of European funds.

Department of economy embraces: competitiveness of economy, economic cooperation with foreign countries, industrial property, innovation, economic activity, promotion of Polish economy at home and abroad and cooperation with self-government organisations.

Ministry of Development, as  the Partnership Leader, shall represent Partners  before the Managing Authority.  It is responsible for supporting Partners in fulfilling their tasks, their coordination (monitoring and surveillance), while ensuring the regularity of financial operations and the efficiency of communication between the Partners and the Managing Authority.  Furthermore, activities of the Ministry of Development embrace also acquisition, collection and archiving documentation connected with the implementation of particular tasks. 


Ministerstwo Rozwoju
Plac Trzech Krzyży 3/5
00-507 Warszawa
centrala tel.: 22 273 70 00
e-mail: kancelaria@mr.gov.pl

Website: www.mr.gov.pl





Instytut Logistyki i Magazynowania

The Institute of Logistics and Warehousing carries out research and development works and advisory services leading to more efficient operation of businesses and entire supply chains. It is the national organisation GS1 implementing GS1 global standards, including bar codes and the elektronic exchange of data. It  performs the government projects related to the development of electronic commerce in Poland. It Is active in the European research area as a coordinator and partner to projects relating to logistics and e-economy.  The institute popularises the latest developments and best practices by organising congresses, seminars and workshops, as well as by traditional publishers and logistics portals.  It is the founder of the first logistics university in Poland - School of Logistics.

As part of the project, involving experts the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing performs work connected with preparing the descriptions of administrative proceedings and reporting on economic activities and recognition of professional qualifications in regulated professions and activities. It prepares, implements and monitors an e-learning training. It provides hosting of ePK portal and Help-desk.

Instytut Logistyki i Magazynowania
ul. Estkowskiego 6
61-755 Poznań
Centrala: (61) 850 48 90
Strona internetowa: www.ilim.poznan.pl
Strona ofertowa: www.ilim.poznan.pl/oferta



Polish Chamber of Commerce is the largest independent business organisation in Poland founded in 1990. It groups over 300 000 entrepreneurs represented by 150 chambers of commerce and business organisations.  Polish Chamber of Commerce implements projects that make use of IT tools to develop a modern economy supporting development of innovative business, entrepreneurship and e-government.

Polish Chamber of Commerce  is responsible for establishing and ensuring the functioning of Help Center which provides answers to questions concerning the ePK.  It is composed of professionals and experts responsible for help and suport for the implementation of issues raised by entrepreneurs, employees of public administrations and courts. It builds and ensures the functionality and content on ePK portal.


Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza
ul. Trębacka 4
00-074 Warszawa
Centrala: (22) 630 97 20

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