A regulated profession is a profession that can be performed only after obtaining the relevant diploma, passing the exam, or registration in a professional organisation.

Each EU country has its own list of regulated professions, and depending on the country, the various authorities/institutions may give the right to exercise it.

In view of the great freedom to regulate by particular Member States, the European Commission shall make available the database of regulated professions, where you can find information about such professions in particular EU Member States, as well as information on the bodies/institutions conferring the right to pursue a regulated profession.

In each country, there is also a National contact point for recognition of professional qualifications.  It confirms, in the country where you want to work, what rules will apply in your case.

It may happen that the profession you want to exercise is not regulated in Poland, but it is regulated in another EU country.  Then you need to prove at least one-year experience in this profession during the past 10 years.

If the profession is regulated in Poland but it is not regulated in the country in which you wish to exercise it, you have free access to it.

Get more information on the EU website concerning the recognition of professional qualifications.

How to obtain recognition of professional qualifications

Depending on how you wish to work in a regulated profession, the recognition procedure is different.

If you want to settle in the country which regulates a profession, you need to get your qualifications recognised by the host State.  If in the country you intend to temporarily provide services related to the exercise of a regulated profession, you must submit an appropriate declaration in writing.

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If you plan a temporary pursuit of regulated professions, you can find out more about this in the publication Occasional exercise of regulated professions in Poland.

Find out more about the European professional card which is useful for the exercise of regulated professions.

In the case of certain professions, verification of language knowledge will be required.  Read the additional information.

Freedom of establishment

At the time of submitting the application to the relevant body, the  authorities of the host country will have one month to acknowledge its receipt and request any correction of the documents.  As a rule, from the receipt of the complete application, the authorities have four months to decide whether you are qualified to practise a regulated profession in the territory of the host State.

For some professions (doctors, nurses responsible for general care, midwives, veterinary surgeons, dentists, pharmacists and architects), provided that their representatives have the right to automatic recognition of qualification, this period shall be reduced to three months.

Temporary provision of services

If you are legally established in one of EU countries and you want to provide services temporarily in another, it is sufficient to submit a relevant declaration in writing. However, if pursuit of your profession has health or safety implications, your qualifications might be chcecked.  

If you want to know more on the recognition of qualifications in the EU, we can help you.  Read the article — Recognition of qualifications in the EU.

If you are planning to temporarily exercise the activity unregulated in Poland, read the publication on this subject.

If you wish to seek advice from an expert of the above topic, ask a question by a form.

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