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One of the key benefits of European integration of Poland is the freedom of movement of workers, that is to say, the possibility for Poles to work both in countries of the European Union and countries of the European Economic Area (including Norway). In recent years a plumber and a nurse have became a symbol of Polish workers.  But not only in those professions Poles are appreciated as good and scrupulous professionals.  In European countries, we will meet many Polish teachers, doctors or electricians. The demand for Polish professionals still remains strong.

When planning a career in a European country, it is worth remembering that resulting from the principle of free movement of workers the right to work in a particular country, does not automatically imply the possibility to perform it.  Work in certain professions implies recognition of qualifications.  Each country has its own list of regulated professions, the conditions and procedures for the recognition of qualifications may differ.  Whether a profession is regulated in the country can be checked in the Database of regulated professions run by the European Commission. 

Below you can find links to procedures for recognition of qualifications in the professions carried out by Polish citizens in Europe:


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