A person whose professional qualification to pursue a regulated profession or the taking-up or pursuit of regulated activity are subject to recognition, must have knowledge of the language of the host Member State to the extent necessary to exercise a profession or activity.  In accordance with Directive 2005/36/EC modified by Directive 2013/55/EU, Member States are entitled to check prior to admission to a profession.  They can do this only after issuing the decision on recognition of qualifications or the issuance of a European professional card.

Requirement to check the knowledge of language may be used, inter alia, in the case of professions with patient safety implications, as well as for other professions where there is reasonable doubt whether language skills are good enough to practise a regulated profession or regulated activity.

In accordance with the Act of 22 December 2015 on the principles governing the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in Member States of the European Union verification of knowledge of Polish is made at the request of a person wishing to exercise the profession in Poland.

Verification procedure

The method and mode of procedure for carrying out verification of knowledge of Polish language, units carrying out verification, the method of determining and paying the fee for the execution and the model certificate issued after a positive result, may be laid down by particular ministers for the regulated professions within their competence.

Verification of knowledge of language for the professions and medical services

Verification of knowledge of Polish is regulated separately for the profession of doctor and dental practitioner;  the legal basis is the Decree of the Minister of Health dated 29 June 2009 on the level of spoken and written Polish required to exercise the profession of doctor, dental practitioner in Poland, and Polish language examination necessary to exercise the profession of doctor, dental practitioner.  In order to gain access to the profession, it is necessary to take the language  examination carried out by the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists (this does not apply to persons who have completed medical studies in Polish).  The examination fee is PLN 400.

A requirement to pass an examination organised and carried out by the Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber also concerns pharmacists (except for persons who completed their university studies in the field of pharmacy in Polish).

Service providers wishing to provide cross-border service on Polish territory in each of the professions with patient safety implications are also required to submit statements proving knowledge of Polish language to the extent necessary to pursue a regulated profession.

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