Sending a letter from portal

If you are a user of, you have the possibility to send letters in electronic form. How can this be done?  
Step 1.
Read carefully a description of services and establish to which authority you should send your letter.  If there is a such a possibility in the description, choose your location e.g. the municipality in which you conduct business and in which you want to handle your matter.    
Step 2. On the website with description of the service you will find a blue button ‘Submit application electronically'.  Click it to fill in and send a letter on the subject of the description.  

Step 3. On the next page you will be asked to download annexes which must be completed and attached to the letter at a later stage.

Step 4. If you are not logged into or you have not set up an account on the portal yet, the next step will be to log in or set up a new user account.  You can also log in to by Facebook or by Trusted Profile.  

Step 5. After logging in you return to the wizard, which will make it easier for you to draft a letter to the selected office. It will be necessary to provide your data (or of your business) and attach annexes from step 3.  


It is important that your letter reaches the competent office. If you have previously selected a location (see step 1.), the system automatically promts you the office to which your letter will be sent.  Check whether this is the competent office - if not, you can change data.

Step 6. After adding annex(s) you can choose the form of a further communication with the office.  If you select an electronic form, when there will be need to reply you in this case - the office will send you a letter in electronic form to your e-mail address within Note that not in every case the office will be able to answer your letter.  

Step 7. You should sign the prepared letter by a trusted profile or a qualified electronic signature and then send it to the office, by clicking the button "Submit to the office". More: E-wnioski electronic sinature, Trusted Profile

Note! If you use electronic banking, you can set up and confirm Trusted Profile through selected banks without the need to visit the office.  This means that when you use online banking service, you can sign general letters sent via to offices.  For more information, see the article Using eWnioski and CEIDG by means of online banking.


Step 8. After sending a letter from system, you will receive a document Certificate of Receipt — Official Submission Certificate (UPO-UPP), which constitutes a formal acknowledgement of delivery of the letter to the office. The period for processing the case by the competent authority shall begin on the day of receipt of the confirmation of dispatch of the letter. 

Step 9. The possible reply from the office will be sent to your account on and a notification on pending correspondence will be sent to your e-mail address. After 7 days, contact point sends a new notification, and after 14 days from the receipt of the letter (reply) from the office correspondence shall be deemed to have been delivered in accordance with the applicable rules. If you select a paper form, the answer given by the office will be sent by post to the address provided in the application (the address must be located in Poland).   

Other online services on 

The procedure described above applies to the services for which there are no dedicated electronic forms (hence the need for using annex).  For more popular cases we create comprehensive online services.  In other cases you can contact the office by the so-called general letter. Find out more on how to handle the official matters by

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