I run my own company

You have registered your company, found your first customers and you are wondering what to do next? As an entrepreneur you will have to take care of many issues related to your company's activity, including: settlements with the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office, employee matters (if you hire employees), relations with consumers, handling current issues in the offices. In this section we have prepared useful information for you concerning the most common life situations that may occur during running a business.

Right and obligations of entrepreneur

You must bear in mind that in addition to the payment of taxes and contributions, sometimes you have to comply with other obligations. We outlined for you the most common situations in section Rights and obligations.

On biznes.gov.pl you can find out how and in which office you can handle the matters related to running your activity.

Go to section Find a service and choose the matter  

Relations with customers

If you intend to sell goods or provide services to consumers (natural persons not conducting business activity), you have additional information obligations and you have to take into account provisions concerning the rights of consumers. If you sell goods online or outside your registered office you must keep in mind the specific regulations in this area.

If you want to know more, please consult the information in section Relations with customers.

Employment of workers

Find out the provisions connected with Employment of workers.

If you are a foreign entrepreneur, in this section you can get information on Posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services in the territory of Poland.


Sometimes professional help is necessary when you run your business. It is likely that you need some help from a member of your family with some office activities. Then an attorney-in-fact might come in useful. How to authorise a proxy, what rights and obligations this person has and how much it may cost can be found in section Attorney-in-fact.

Controls in a company

In order to verify whether you comply with all applicable provisions, you are subject to control of different institutions. The rules governing economic activity clearly define the responsibilities of the inspection bodies, and what rights you have towards them.

You want to know more — check the article on control.

Contacts with administration

Do you want to settle an official matter? At biznes.gov.pl you can find out what regulations govern contacts with administration and how to deal with official matters quickly. See for more information.

If you do not agree with the decision of particular authority in your case or this authority does not respond to your requests, you have the right to lodge an appeal or complaint for failure to act. In order to find out about the appeal procedure at each stage and how to write a complaint for failure to act go to section Disputes with administrative bodies.

Suspension and resumption of economic activity

If for some reason you consider suspension or closing business activity -  read the information in the section Suspension and the resumption of activity. You will find out how to carry out this process and also whether it is worth closing or suspending it or is it better to suspend it and wait for the further course of events. If you do not submit the application for  resumption in due time, you  may be automatically removed from register of entrepreneurs. More information.

Check also what changes should be reported to CEIDG and how to do it.


Foreign trade

Perhaps you are planning to establish contact with foreign partner. More information on foreign trade can be found here.

Marketing and promotion

Good marketing strategy, which includes, inter alia, pricing strategy, brand management, appropriate promotion, will be the basis of the market success of your business.  In the section Marketing and Promotion you can find useful information on this subject. 

Handling of non-cash payments

Customers want to quickly and conveniently pay for goods and services.  The possibility to pay by card or make e-payments is a facility that allows you to gain a lot of new customers.  Learn more about the handling of non-cash payments. 

Secure business

Conducting business involves risks and responsibilities.  You should ensure that the business is safe for you, your workers and business partners. In the section Secure business you can find out more about the rules for secure conduct of business.


Intellectual property 

Have you come up with an interesting and innovative product?  Your goods are selling well and you are afraid that competition might copy them?  You need to know that your ideas, products, trademarks and solutions are your intellectual property and they can be subject to legal protection.  Find out more on protection of intellectual property in your business.

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