Secure business

In your business activity you will come across situations which could not have been foreseen. Running business is inherently risky and responsible (more on this subject can be found in the article Risks in business activity).


Don't be tricked

Running business, you will certainly receive a lot of offers from other entities regarding services or starting cooperation. If you start your business, remember that each proposal should be dealt with reservations.  It is good to find out more about a company that wants to enter into cooperation with you.  
Pay particular attention to the commercial offers relating to your entries in public registers (CEIDG, KRS) or obtaining information from them.  Ministry of  Development does not send any messages concerning the request for payment, at postal and e-mail addresses of entrepreneurs.  Please note that services such as entry in the CEIDG, obtaining the confirmation of entry in the CEIDG or KRS are FREE OF CHARGE!  Find out more about how to find the data in the registers.


Remember that as an entrepreneur you are responsible for the quality of your products and services and, i.a. the impact of your activities on the surrounding and the environment. You will also be responsible for the actions of your employees. In the article Responsibility for damage caused in the performance of activities you can read more about responsibility. Your main duties related to the safe operation of the company should also include knowledge of the health and safety rules (read more here).

Compliance with basic principles of safe business will let you avoid many problems. You should ensure that your company is a safe place of work for you, your employees, trading partners and the surrounding.


Act according to regulations

If you conduct business, you should bear in mind the obligations related to the safe operation of business. On you can find out, inter alia, how to obtain construction permit and how to obtain the authorisation to conduct business connected with waste (decision on environmental conditions).  


Secure finances

In sections Financing, Foreign trade and Cooperation in business you can familiarise with basic tools for securing company from financial difficulties and unreliable contractors.

Security of information

The exchange and archiving of information in a modern business is mainly electronic and via a network. IT security has become an increasingly important element of proper functioning of economy - you also should ensure that  information of your company does not fall into the wrong hands.

Remember also that some duties related to safety of e.g. of personal data or accounting books are imposed by law (Accounting Act, The personal data protection act). You can read more about information on security here. The article Protection of personal data describes the basic obligations of your company as an data administrator.

One of the tools enhancing security in business is insurance, which is to protect the company against the possible effects of any damage.  Remember that as an entrepreneur you may be held liable for different situations, sometimes not attributable directly to you.  Insurance covers different areas of activity. You will find on the market a lot of offers both asset insurance and third-party insurance. Before taking a decision consider what risks your business might be exposed to and accordingly negotiate the level of guaranteed benefits.  For certain professions, such as lawyers, doctors, architects, detective, or for the provision of payment services or business information offices or insurance mediation, having third party insurance is a precondition to run business activity.

Functioning of every company is connected with movement of capital. Development of financial services on-line and electronic banking does not mean that in your activity you will not use cash. You should know that the way in which large amounts of cash should be stored and transported are governed by the relevant provisions contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 7 September 2010 regarding the requirements for secure cash values stored and transported by entrepreneurs and other organizational units.

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