EU funds for the development of company

If you think about further development of your business, implementing innovative solutions, foreign promotion, you should know that you can get funding under EU funds (Operational and Regional Programmes).

Entrepreneurs and local governments  will be between 2014 and 2020 the largest beneficiaries of EU funds.  In total, over the next 7 years EUR 20bn will be allocated to development of enterprises.

Owing to EU support for 2014-2020 you can develop many areas of activity of your company

Research projects and the implementation of innovation

Subsidies for research and development, infrastructure for research and the implementation of innovation can be obtained in the Programme Smart Growth, Eastern Poland Programme and in the regional programme in your region.  Current competitions for companies for studies on the development can be found in the grants search engine.


You can receive funding if you want to prepare e-services portal, develop e-commerce, or develop a B2B solution (business-to-business) linking your systems with those of your partners.  In addition, you can spend EU funds on the introduction of electronic systems in the framework of your activities, e.g. related to the management of the company or building customer relations.  Available competitions for companies can be found in the grants search engine.

Green solutions

You can allocate funds for the thermal modernisation of the company buildings, the implementation of energy-saving technologies or converting production line.  If you plan to derive energy from renewable sources (e.g. installing solar panels), this expenditure may also be part of the project.  Perhaps you need also to modernise the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation.  You can also apply for funding of projects such as setting up a wind farm, solar, geothermal and using biomass.  When you receive funding, you can use the electricity generated for your own use, but you can also transfer the surplus to the grid.  Remember that some opportunities for funding in this area are repayable instruments, not grants. Available competitions for companies  can be found in the grants search engine.

The development of a business

Resources for investment are available mainly in the form of loans.  You will have to be repay them, but you will get loans more easily than in a bank and repayment terms will be more favourable.  However, if you want to take out a credit in a bank, then European funds can help you by providing a guarantee (guarantee of repayment) to the bank on your behalf.

If you conduct a business in rural areas, you may also be interested in the Rural Development Programme.  You can receive help from Local Action Groups, which operate mostly in several neighbouring municipalities.  Remember that your idea must fit in with the local strategies.  Ask in your municipality office about the local action groups.  Find the list on the website of the National Rural Network.

Business abroad

You can obtain subsidies for development of foreign activities in the regional programme, and if you run a company in eastern Poland - in the Eastern Poland Programme.  Applications for support from this programme  must be submitted to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, and in the regions  -  to Marshal's offices or other institutions which deal with such tasks.  Under Smart Growth Programme you can also get a subsidy to take part in specific events, e.g. industry events and general economic promotional programmes.  You can find information on the website of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.


In order to allow entrepreneus access to trainings vouchers system  will be introduced.  For such a voucher it will be possible to purchase for your employees appropriate training.  Funding will be based on the so-called demand model.  This means that an entrepreneur will indicate a need and training establishments should conform to it. The choice of the appropriate training will be facilitated by the Register of Development Services (RUR), a database of training companies and the proposed training courses.

Additional information

Information on all the competitions for EU grants can be found in grants search engine.

See the timetable for calls for proposals in the Smart Growth Programme

If you want to know more about possible funding of activity under EU funds, contact Information Point of European Funds.

Find practical guidelines helpful in applying for EU funding.

If you want to consult additional possibilities to obtain attractive funding to develop the business, please read the article COSME and other preferential programmes of EU funding.

Do you want to become a contractor of orders from entities carrying out projects from EU funds?  See the base of advertisements of beneficiaries "Base of Competitiveness".

Support for start-ups — JEREMIE Initiative

JEREMIE (Joint European Resources for Micro-to-Medium Enterprises) offers support for business setting up economic activity, which do not have a credit history or protection of sufficient value. 

COSME Programme

The framework programme for the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises for 2014-2020

In the framework of the COSME programme, the financing of activity and development of SMEs (micro, small or medium-sized enterprises) is being implemented through a number of guarantee instruments and equity. 

De minimis guarantees

Guarantees are another form of de minimis aid granted under the maximum allowable  public aid to secure repayment of working capital or investment loans for the SME sector.

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