Promotion in business

Even if you have the most original business idea, perfect and unique products, or a first class service, nobody will know about them if they are not adequately promoted.  Promotion should be an essential element in building your marketing strategy.  Please note that the objective is that your company is known and appreciated by consumers.  In a competitive market this is not an easy task, so it is important that promotional activities were planned and carried out regularly, in accordance with the agreed plan.

Promotion performs several functions at the same time -informs existing and potential customers about your offer, persuades them to certain behaviour (e.g. purchases) and shows your competitive advantage.

The basic principles of promotion

First of all, it should be noted that promotional activities should be considered and duly prepared for the profile of your business:  recipients (potential customers and business partners to whom you want to target your offer); target which you want to achieve ( increased sales, increased recognition of your company) and measures. There is no product or service for all, so you should focus on those recipients who may be interested in your offer. Systematic actions are important.  Maintaining relations with existing customers and expanding a range of new requires constant communication with the market.

Currently businesses can choose from a wide number of tools and channels of promotion. Traditional forms, such as advertising in the press, on the radio or television, outdoor advertising campaigns (e.g. billboards) remain effective.  Despite the development of electronic means of communication, participation in fairs and exhibitions is also a popular tool to promote a company. This is not only a way to promotion, but also an excellent way to develop new commercial relations and to attract customers. You can read more on the participation in trade fairs in the article Participation in trade fairs.

Promotion on the Internet

The use of traditional channels for promotion in case of smaller firms may be problematic due to costs.  Campaign on radio or television is an expenditure of up to several hundred thousand PLN.  However, others are at your disposal, particularly the Internet. The global network offers - at least in theory - unlimited possibilities (more on promotion on the Internet in the article How to promote company on the Internet).

In recent years, the social media have become more popular and more frequently used in business activity. They allow greater interaction with the recipient and reach out to groups of individuals, businesses and institutions which are for you the most worthy of interest from business perspective. Here you will find some advice on the use of social media in the promotion of your company.

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