Workers and co-workers

If you want to know more about employment of workers, your obligations as an employer or the termination of an employment contract, read the material in this section.

They are divided into three thematic issues:

We made available information as to what elements a civil law contract must have so that it was not considered an employment relationship, on the rights and obligations of workers, including periods of notice, protection of employment during illness and pregnancy or how entrust to an employee assets of the company.

If you want to employ new staff, read information of green line - the information centre of the employment services.

Remember that the formation of the employment relationship and (almost always) concluding contracts of mandate means that you must register the employee/contractor as the insured person in ZUS.

If you don't know how to register the insured person to the Social Security Institution (ZUS), familiarise yourself with materials in section ZUS contributions payer.

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