Remuneration of your workers should be arranged so that it corresponds to the type of work performed and the qualifications required.  It should also take account of the quantity and quality of  the work performed.

The principle of granting workers pay rates for work of a particular type or in a certain position, as well as additional components of remuneration (if any) shall be determined, inter alia, in accordance with collective agreements or for instance the remuneration regulations.

Overtime work

For overtime work, in addition to regular remuneration a supplement is paid in the amount of:

1) 100% of remuneration - for overtime work:

  • at nighttime,
  • on Sundays and holidays which are days off work according to the employee's working time schedule,
  • on a day off work granted to the employee in exchange for work on Sunday or a holiday according to the employee's working time schedule,

2) 50% of remuneration - for overtime work on any other day than the ones listed above.

A supplement in the amount of 100% of remuneration is also granted for every hour of overtime work due to exceeding the average weekly working time standard in the adopted settlement period, This rule is not applicable in a situation when the excess of the standard was due to overtime work for which the employee is entitled to a supplement for overtime work due to exceeding a daily working time standard.

Calculating the suplement for overtime

How to calculate the suplement for overtime? The basis for calculating the supplement is the employee's remuneration resulting from his personal grade as expressed by the hourly or monthly rate. If such a component of remuneration has not been separated, the basis of the supplement is 60% of the employee's remuneration.

 In relation to employees who regularly perform work outside their workplace, the remuneration along with the supplements may be replaced by a lump sum. Its  amount should correspond to the expected time of overtime work.


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