Employment of workers as well as their dismission (termination of an employment contract) is subject to strict rules which are useful to know.

From your point of view, as an employer, it is important to know when the employment relationship is automatically terminated, how to correctly terminate employment contract and what are the consquences if you violate provisions of the labour law on redundancy of employees.

In the following articles you can find answers to the basic questions on termination of employment relationship:

Remember that termination of an employment relationship no matter on what basis, and under what procedure gives rise to obligation to submit the relevant documents to ZUS (deregistration of the insured person).

If you dismiss employees when you close your activity (including collective redundancies), please consult the information in these materials:

If you do not know what you need to do if you want to deregister insured from the Social Security Institution, please consult the information in the section Deregistration of the insured person and the payer.


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