The employment of workers and co-workers

If you decide to hire an employee or to conclude a civil law contract with a co-worker, you must be aware of the fundamental differences between the employment relationship and cooperation on the basis of a civil-law contract ( contract of mandate or for specific work)

Agreements with entrepreneurs

You must also distinguish between such agreements and establishing cooperation with another entrepreneur (e.g. carrying out self-employment), who will issue an invoice for a service rendered.

This is one of the main difference.  In the case of relations with a person not engaged in an economic activity it will be you who  will pay income tax and contributions to ZUS (apart from contract for specific work).

In the case of relations with another entrepreneur, you will receive an invoice for a service rendered.  After its payment you do not have any additional obligations with regard to administrative authorities.

Employment of staff

If you want to know what content an employment contract should have, read the article Minimum content of the employment contract.

Employing a worker you have several types of employment contracts, depending on your needs.

You don't know what type of employment contract to choose. Read the article Types of employment contracts.

The employment of a minor

In some cases you can also employ a minor. Find out how to do that. Read the article the Employment contract with a minor.

A civil law contract with a natural person

If you do not want to hire staff, check what elements should a civil law contract have to minimise the probability of being considered as an employment contract. Read the article Civil law contracts.

The employment of foreigners

We have also prepared for you information on employment of foreigners and related formalities. Read the additional article Employment of foreigners.

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