Rights and obligations of an entrepreneur

Since you are an entrepreneur you should be aware of a few issues which may affect your business.

Firstly, merely because of the registration of your activity you are treated as professional. Law imposes on you raised standard of diligence. This means that you cannot ignore the provisions of law, this is a very significant difference in relation to the consumer.

If you buy items related to your activity you do not have majority of rights granted to a natural person — e.g. you cannot return goods purchased online or unduly withdraw from the contract concluded outside the registered office of the seller.

You also need to carefully create agreements that you will conclude with consumers, if there are illicit clauses — they will not be applicable and you can be punished.

If your activities may cause harm to somebody, you need to prepare for it. Remember that harm is not only physical damage to something. The failure of a fixed-term contract may give rise to liability in damages and, if your employ staff, you are responsible to some extent for their acts and omissions. More on this topic can be found in the article Liability for damage caused in the exercise of activities.

You will also have to comply with rules on disclosure of certain information about your company in all official letters, orders and other correspondence. The most important principles are described in article Obligation to provide data in trade journals.

You should remember about other obligations, such as the reporting. More on this topic in the guides: Environmental reporting obligations and Reporting obligations to the Central Statistical Office in the course of business activities.

See also the obligations of entrepreneurs to the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON).

As an entrepreneur you will probably need advertising. Where you can advertise and what are the obligations connected with it, you can read in Rules of placing advertisements in public space.

If you have a car which you use in business activities, customers come to your premises or you use music there, check whether you do not have to pay either RTV subscription or royalties.

As an entrepreneur, you establish a number of relationships with staff, contractors, administration and local communities. Not all rules of your conduct as an entrepreneur will be governed by provisions. In business more and more people act in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility. Learn more about this topic in the article on the social accountability of entrepreneurs.

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