Vehicles used in road transport or carriage for own account with the maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tonnes, as welll as vehicles dedicated to transport more than 9 persons including driver ( with some exceptions), must be fitted with a device recording  driving time, so-called a tachograph.

Obligation to use digital tachographs within EU territory entered into force on 1 May, 2006 after publication of  Regulation(EC) No 561/2006 of Parliament and the Council of Europe.

Polish Security Printing Works issues digital tachograph cards, enabling to use devices and read data. One may submit applications for issuing:

Before you fill in an application you should check what documents are required.  Read the instructions for completion of applications.  On the website of Polish Security Printing Works , in the description of each procedure (references above), you can find a list of the most frequent errors.

Fees for issuing cards (gross):

  • The driver's  card          PLN 169,74
  • The company card         PLN 282,90
  • The service card            PLN 282,90
  • The control card            PLN 237,64

There is also the possibility of completing applications in electronic form.

Polish Security Printing Works also runs a Register of lost and damaged cards  Here you can complete the notification of the card loss or damage.  There is also the possibility of checking the status of an application for a digital tachograph card.

In the case of a foreigner applying for a driver's card, PSPW may require that additional documents are attached to an application.  For further information on this subject please contact PWPW helpline.

In the knowledge base and the assistance centre of the digital tachograph system of of Polish Security Printing Works you can find additional information on the use of tachographs.


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