Have you invented an interesting and innovative product?  The goods under your brand are selling really well and you are worried that competition might copy them?  You need to know that your ideas, products, trademarks and solutions are so-called intellectual property and they might be subject to legal protection.  Intellectual property issues are governed by the provisions - the intellectual property rights.  Among those are:

  • industrial property rights
  • copyright and related rights.

What do intellectual property rights cover?

Industrial property rights include the protection of:  inventions, utility models, designs, trademarks, geographical indications and topographies of integrated circuits.

The objects of industrial property to be effectively protected must also be notified to the Patent Office. You can find out how to notify inventions, trademarks, etc. from the article on the protection of industrial property.

The rules govern the period during which intellectual property shall be protected.

What can the company protect?

  • colour as a trade mark:  orange (Orange Brand Services Ltd., protects in Poland colour as a trade mark (R-271601),
  • protection of the name/logo of the company,
  • sound:  Apple has patented the sound reproduced when starting OS X,
  • the industrial design:  modern cut of a jacket, dress or trousers,
  • utility model:  bicycle, casserole dish, lighter.

What do copyright and related rights cover?

Copyright covers any manifestation of creative activity of individual character, fixed in any form which meets the conditions of ‘work'.  An example of work is a film or a computer program, and a database.

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Additional information

Information relating to protection of intellectual property can be found on the websites of individual institutions:

Intellectual property law is governed in Poland by:


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