If you use the Internet to conduct business, bear in mind that on the one hand it has great potential in communication, but on the other hand it creates barriers to gain trust of customers easily.  They relate to, inter alia, safety concerns of users:  data,  transactions, the possibilty to complain about the product.  How to encourage e-customer to your goods or services?  Below you will find some advice.

Sales offer should be presented from a customer perspective

We often forget about it aiming to set out all the goods and services without the transparency of offer  or intuitive way of behaviour of customer.  An appealing product or service is the one which is particularly attractive to the customer.  Therefore, when you build your offer you should always take the point of view of the potential customer.  In the analysis of the behaviour and expectations of customers should be taken into account:  statistics of searches, how they travel on the website and orders which have not been finalised and not only information on sales.

It is important to build trust

This is an extremely important feature especially in the virtual world, in which there is an additional barrier of data security or the security of transactions.  Therefore, the customer chooses not only the webpage which clearly explains the rules for purchase, payment and complaints, but which is also more aesthetic and intuitive.  Concern for the appearance of the website also suggests that every other area of activity of the company is treated equally conscientiously and responsibly.  Internet users in choosing national networks  are largely driven by security considerations.  It is interesting to use this competitive advantage over foreign competition and use good and safe technology solutions, care for e-shop certification and data protection.

Communication should be made available by a variety of channels

Rule is simple, the more communication channels you offer to customer, the greater will be the sense of security and the guarantee that he/she will make use of your services.  Therefore, the address or telephone number is often not enough and companies also provide the e-mail address, fax number, communicator, address of the customer service office (in addition to registered office ) or Facebook profile.  Diversity means also adapting to customer preferences across different age groups.

Customer should have a flexible choice of means of payment

Good online shop should give customers a wide choice of payment methods:  cards, transfers, digital wallets.  Providing a comfortable and secure transaction is essential in online customer service.

Customer should have access to the order status

A great marketing tool of many pizza places with delivery is a simple visualisation of what happens to the client order (status ‘preparing the dough', ‘pizza on the way', etc.).  It minimises stress connected with waiting for a product which has been paid earlier and still is not in our possession.  That is why, it is important to inform the customer about the current order status - the customer has the right to check different stages of the order.

Customer should be informed about any changes in the order

If there are any unforeseen changes or difficulties during the execution of the order, customer should know about it.  For this purpose, it is recommended to use telephone communication as individual contact gives a customer a sense of care.

Customer service is not just a one-off transaction, but a long-term relationship

Customer service is not just a one-off sales contact, but relation in which the customer has regular access to current offer, promotion or information on products.  This can take place through a website, newsletters, the dispatch of catalogues,  fair events etc. However, today social media have become the most popular channel.  Studies show that increasing number of customers verify social media provider before purchasing in e-shop and make a decision, following the opinion about the company in social media.


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