The development of your company will depend on whether you will be able to encourage sufficiently large range of customers to purchase the goods or services.  You should be aware that not only the quality and price influence the customer's decision to purchase.  Equally important is the quality of service.  A  variety of tests carried out in Poland and in the world shows that inappropriate customer service is the most common reason for customers choosing competition.  Ensure, therefore, that your customer does not have to go to competition and introduce customer service standards in your company.  Basis of your contacts with customers should be the relationship which is not regarded as coercion, but caters to customers' expectations.  Business theoreticians created a scheme divided into stages, which can help you to create and implement proper framework for cooperation with customers  at your company.

Stage 1 - Building trust - such treatment of a customer so that he/she wants to establish relation with a representative of the firm , feels that their expectations/concerns will not be a waste of time and will bring benefit.

Stage 2 -  Needs analysis - instead of guessing or trying to sell a product, you should find out what are the expectations of the customer.  Very helpful is active listening and techniques of active listening:  specifying, summarizing and asking questions.

Stage 3 - Proposals for solutions to the problems  - a reply or offer we will propose  should be tailored to a customer and directly result from previously expressed needs and concerns. The language we use should not be based on advertising of our own products or own business, but on the benefits for customers.

Stage  4 - Confirmation  and closure - now we should check whether the customer agrees with our proposed solution.  If so, it is worth revising what has been adopted and seek clarity what more we can do.

Whether the customer chooses your offer is often determined by the first contact.  Learn more about the principles of telephone conversations and correspondence with a customer.

Nowadays contacts with  customers are increasingly moving to the Internet.  How to service e-customer? Here you will find practical advice.

Creating a good and effective communication strategy in your company takes time, but also requires the ability to learn from mistakes.  What are the most frequent customer service mistakes can be read here.

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