A reminder in official matters

Your case is dealt too long in the office and you feel that some activities only prolong the proceedings?  If you are dissatisfied with the duration of your case and you want to speed it up,  you can do so.
From 1 June 2017 new cases brought to administrative bodies have been assessed taking into account the reminder in administrative law.  

When can you request a reminder?  

If the office hasn't handled your case within time limit (failure to act) or the proceedings take longer than it is necessary to deal with your case (excessive duration) you can file a reminder.  Any reminder shall be submitted in writing and shall contain a statement of reasons.

Where to submit a reminder?  

Reminders shall be submitted to the higher authority via the authority which is conducting your proceedings.  That authority is obliged to forward it within 7 days with the necessary copies of documents (in electronic or paper form) and a response to the reminder.

The higher authority also has 7 days to deal with them.  If it decides (in order) that there was a failure to act or excessive duration then:  

  • deadline will be set, 
  • the office will have to determine the reasons and persons responsible for this situation.  

Note!  The new deadline for the cases may sometimes be extended or altered, for example when relevant circumstances come to light, requiring a longer procedure and they were not previously known.  
If your case is heard by a minister or a local-government appeals board (i.e. there is no higher authority) a reminder shall be submitted to the same authority which is handling the case.  If  inaction or delay actually occurred, then within 7 days your case should be completed.  
Remember!  You must be informed of the right to submit a reminder in the letter stating that the case hasn't been handled within the statutory deadline.   

Complaint to the administrative court 

Where, despite a reminder, your case has not beeen ended, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Voivodship Administrative Court for failure to act or lengthy proceedings.  But before you do this, you need to use the reminder.  You do not have to wait for your reminder to be dealt with.  After submitting a reminder, you can file a complaint with the Voivodship Administrative Court.

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