Facilitatations concerning building regulations in practice

Check what facilitations regarding building regulations have been introduced as part of a package of 100 changes for companies.  

Construction law — lack of obligation to obtain a building permit in certain cases 

It used to be:  John Smith would like to replace interior doors  in his office, 3 cm wider than the present.  This requires a small extension of the door opening.  In order to act in accordance with the law,  John Smith should purchase the building project, apply for construction permit and undergo a lengthy and burdensome procedure.  
Now:  John Smith will be able to fit in new doors without any formalities in the offices.  He will also be able to carry out building alterations without other formalities, which do not concern the building envelopes and structural elements.

Example 2 
It used to be:
 John Smith has on his own plot of land of area more than 500 m²  a small shelter needed to run the business.  Since his business is developing, he wants the second shelter. Area of shelters will not exceed 35 m². John Smith must obtain a building permit and  undergo a lengthy and cumbersome process for obtaining the building permit.  Alternatively, he might try to convince official that shelter is a kind of "ground floor detached building" (then notification of intent to build is sufficient). However, in this case it depends on the ‘whims' of the official.  
Now:  John Smith may build the same shelter without a building permit, only after relevant notification to the office, since this will be clearly stated.  

Additional information 

If you want to know more about the construction investment in a company, please see the specific guides:  



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