How to find data of entrepreneurs in the register?

You have received an attractive offer of cooperation but would like to make sure that your prospective business partner is a registered and active entrepreneur?  If you have the basic data of the company ( name, NIP, REGON, KRS number) you can easily and quickly check online using the publicly available registers.  Please note that the registers in which you can find a given entity, will depend on the type of activity.  Thus:

  • sole tradership and members of civil-law companies can be found in in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity,
  • commercial companies  (e.g. limited liability companies, registered partnerships) can be found in the National Court Register,
  • civil law partnerships (if you don't find the updated data in the CEIDG) can be found in the REGON register.

Searching for a company in CEIDG

If you want to find the entity in CEIDG, you can do this using the search tool. You do not have to enter all the data you of a given company – you can find an entrepreneur by typing his name, and surname, address or NIP number or REGON.  Remember that before clicking "Search" you should enter 4-digit code.

For example, if you enter only the name of the street and the city, in the search results all entrepreneurs registered on this street in a given city will be displayed. The quickest way to find an entrepreneur is to type his unique data such as NIP or REGON.

If you typed data correctly, the name of the company will appear in the list. Click on "view details" and you will see a page where you can find the details of the company. You can print these details by clicking the button at the bottom of the page (Print/Upload PDF)

What kind of data on the entrepreneur will I find in CEIDG?

In the entry of entrepreneur in CEIDG, you will find information such as:  date of commencement of activity, address, email (if not registered), status (active, suspended), types of activity (on PKD codes search engine is also available), data of attorneys-in-fact, or partnerships the  member of which is a given entrepreneur.

It may be the case that the entrepreneur you are looking for had been removed from the register.  In this case, tick the box "include removed'.  However, it is not possible to search for data of entrepreneurs who ceased their activity before 1 July 2011 (the data are in possession of relevant offices of the towns and municipalities according to the place where the entrepreneur is domiciled).

CEIDG certificate in cross-border turnover  
Entrepreneur may apply to the Minister of Development for confirmation of a printout of entry from the CEIDG website, to certify by the apostille.  If the confirmed printout shall be intended for marketing in a State which is a party to the Hague Convention of 1961 on the Abolition of Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, may be required to attach to a certification document an apostille, which shall be issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Apostille certifies:  the authenticity of the signature on a document, the capacity in which the person signing the document acts, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears.  
How to get a certified printout from the CEIDG?  
If you want to collect the document in person at the Ministry of  Development, you send your Name and Surname and NIP number of the entrepreneur, for whom you want to receive printout, to,  
If you want to receive the document by post, you must give also your address and contact details.  
How to get the apostille to a certified printout from the CEIDG?  

In order to obtain the apostille to a certified printout from the CEIDG follow the procedure issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Civil law partnership

If you are looking for data of civil law partnership, you can find partners of a civil-law partnership through filling in the field "NIP of civil law partnership" provided that the members have existing entries for the data of that company.  Should the completion of this box produced no results, this means that in their entries information is missing. In such a situation, finding information relating to that company is possible only via the REGON register (information about this below)

Search for company in the National Court Register

If the company you want to find operates in the form of a company established under commercial law, you should look for information about it in the search engine of the National Court Register. You can search for operators after their NIP, REGON, KRS number, name of the town. Remember to tick the box "Entrepreneur" before the entry of the data, to search in the relevant register. Before clicking "search", enter also a unique code at the bottom of the page.

In the fields enter the data, which will reduce to a minimum the number of entities (such as e.g. NIP, KRS or REGON).  If there are more than 100 results, they will not be displayed.  For example, if you want to search for operator from Pułtusk and you do not know its name or other data (NIP or REGON), once the name of the town "Pułtusk" is entered in the appropriate box, in the search engine no results will be displayed, since more than 100 entrepreneurs  is registered in the National Court Register (KRS). You should provide more detailed data (e.g. name of the company).

What kind of data about entrepreneurs can I find in the search engine of KRS?

If you typed data correctly, the entity will appear in the list.  After clicking "display" in the column "Details" a page will appear where you can find basic information on the interested company (address, form of activity, identification numbers, date of entry/removal).  You will be able to see the history of entry.  If you need more detailed information on this page, you should click the button "Download printout' (at the bottom of the page).  In the pdf file, which you can save on your computer, you will find detailed information from the National Court Register, such as, inter alia, bodies representing the company and their composition, the data of members, the capital of the company, object of  activity, information on any insolvency proceedings, claims, changes in the National Court Register (KRS) or suspension.  Importantly, you can obtain the print-out from the National Court Register only in the case of companies currently held in the register (you cannot download report on the company removed from the register of the company).

If you want to verify your counterparty on the basis of an entry in the National Court Register, it is worth paying attention to:

  • the manner of representation - both of the attorney-in-fact and his powers, as well as the shareholders in partnerships / members of the management board in capital companies (to know who can effectively sign the agreement),
  • in the case of capital companies, the share capital (to know the maximum amount of liability for commitments),
  • information on the opening of the liquidation (an application for liquidation of the entity has been filed, and consequently the entity has been removed from the Register and activity has been discontinued)
  • information on the dates of submission of financial statements (in principle, once a calendar year the company is obliged to submit such a report - failure to comply with this obligation may, although not necessarily, indicate that the company has dishonest intentions).

Particularly important from the standpoint of contractor's verification are the data contained in Section 4 and subsequent sections. They contain information on the possible appointment of a curator for the company, the opening of winding-up proceedings, information on transformations, divisions, mergers, as well as information on the opening of bankruptcy, restructuring or reorganisation proceedings.


Information on entrepreneurs can also be found in the search engine of the national register (REGON) kept by the Central Statistical Office(GUS). You can find the entity after its NIP, REGON, or KRS number and also address. In REGON you can find, among others, data of partnerships, which you could not find in CEIDG.

Certificates of entry


Please note that, according to the law, public authorities should not require from you information that they already have in their registers (this also applies to your entry in CEIDG). However, there may be cases where you will need certificate of entry of your company in CEIDG. You do not have to go to the office for document. A printout from the CEIDG website constitutes certificate of entry in CEIDG. To download the certificate you should find your entry in the CEIDG database of entrepreneurs, and then click on the icon on the right to display details of a selected entry. On the page with the details concerning the company click the button at the bottom of the page ‘Print/Download PDF". 

Important!  Printout from the CEIDG website is the document  which you can use when contacting other entrepreneurs, signature or stamp is not required.


If you need a certificate of entry in the National Court Register, you can print it using the search engine on the eMS website. How to do it?  Find your company (for example, by entering the National Court Register number), remember to tick the box "Entrepreneur" and enter the code shown in the image at the bottom of the page. After your company has been displayed, in the column "Details" click on "view details". You will see a page with basic data of the company. At the bottom of the page, click "Download printout" button. This printout is the certificate of entry in the National Court Register. Important!  Printout from the website of the National Court Register (eMS) is a document which you can use in  dealings with other entrepreneurs, valid without a signature or stamp. It is important that a printout from the National Court Register has information about the website ( and the identification of the printout. It does not require a certified true copy (if, for example, you  take part in a public tender).



Tax portal of the Ministry of Finance enables to:

If you want to confirm/check VAT EU number, use the search tool on the European Commission website.

Additional information

You will find more information on the  counterparty in the article Checking  the counterparty.

Public registers are also sources of information about entrepreneurs.

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