How to sumit application for resumption of activity in CEIDG

If your business activity is suspended but you want to resume it, remember to complete a number of formalities. You report resumption by amending your entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) on CEIDG-1 form

If you suspended activity in connection with child care, you can resume it earlier than you declared in the CEIDG application.  
Important!  Submission of an application for resumption of economic activity in the CEIDG is FREE OF CHARGE

Resume company online without leaving home 

If you use Internet banking or you have an electronic signature, you can resume your company electronically without leaving the office.  To do so register on the CEIDG website, fill in a form and sign it with an electronic signature, Trusted Profile or online banking.  For more details see the section Electronic signature and a trusted profile.  
You can fill in CEIDG-1 application by yourself or with the assistance of so-called wizard.  In this case a step-by-step guide and guiding questions will help you to complete further boxes.

Fill in online application and submit it to the office 

If you do not have an electronic signature or a Trusted Profile, fill in online application and sign it in person at the municipal office.  The electronic application form can be found on the CEIDG website.  You do not have to fill in an application form to register on the CEIDG  website  - you can do this anonymously.  
After completing the application on the CEIDG you do not have to print it.  It is sufficient that you remember the code (number of application) that will be visible after filling in on the CEIDG website.  Go to the municipality office with this code.  In the CEIDG an official finds your application after the code, print, sign and confirmed in the system.  Please note that the application date of resumption of activities should not be earlier than the date on which you sign the application at the office.  Address and data of the nearest municipality/city office can be found in search tool of institutions.  

Report the resumption by telephone 

If you wish to report resumption of activity, you can also do this by telephone.  To do so contact our Help Centre (tel.: 801 055 088 or 22 765 67 32).  
The consultant will help you fill in the application for the change of entry in the CEIDG following the resumption of activity.  After the call, you will receive a text message with a code (number of application).  With this number go to the city/municipality/district authority. Official will print your application and submit for your signature.

Submit an application for resumption in the traditional manner

In person 

You can also submit an application in paper form in municipal office. In the office you will receive a proper form.  If you wish to complete it earlier, you can download it from the CEIDG website, print it out, sign it and hand to the municipality.  
Before you fill in the application, read the instructions.  
The official will acknowledge the receipt of application and not later than the following day will enter data from application into the CEIDG system.  
When submitting application to the office do not forget to take your ID card or other proof of identity.  
Important!  The application for the resumption of activity in the CEIDG may be also submitted by a representative established in accordance with general rules.  

Sending by registered mail 

You can send completed application form by registered mail (when you send application by registered mail, you should sign it and certify by a notary).

How to complete the application for resumption of economic activity?  

In order to resume economic activity use CEIDG-1 form. In box 01 tick the box number 4:  application for entry of information concerning the resumption of economic activity.   According to the information on the websites of CEIDG, when you resume economic activity complete only in the part of the CEIDG-1 form the following boxes: 01.4, 03.3, 03.4, 03.5, 03.6, 03.7, 03.12, 03.13, 03.14, 03.15, 04, 05 (if other than 04), 06 (only for the name of company), 07, 12, 13.1.2, 15 and 26.  
In the case of foreigners who are not nationals (EU, EEA) within the meaning of Article 13(1) of the Law on freedom of economic activity, they fill in additionally fields 03.1 (I am a foreigner referred to...), 03.2 (Data of document confirming the status of foreigner). In addition, a farmer (household member) who intends to continue social insurance after the resumption of carrying out non-agricultural economic activity shall fill in box 13.  

The date of resumption of economic activity given in the application may not be earlier than the date of submission of the application for resumption of economic activity.


We will inform the competent authorities 

The CEIDG shall transmit electronically, without delay, information on the resumption of activity to: the competent Head of the Tax Office, the Central Statistical Office, the Social Insurance Institution or the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS).  
See the publication on the activities which ZUS performs after resumption.  
The information shall be made available to the relevant concession-granting authorities, authorities keeping registers of regulated activity and authorities responsible for matters relating to permits and licences (those which granted you powers and placed information in this regard in your entry in the CEIDG).  In some cases where the offices controlling activities requiring separate notification are regulated activities, you will have to register again.  
You will find more information in the guide Resumption of activity.  

I resume the activity of civil-law partnership 

If you resume partnership, you should notify the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the competent head of the tax office (NIP-2). Application to GUS on the RG-OP form must be submitted within 7 calendar days from the resumption of civil law partnership.  The application shall be accompanied by information on the partners of civil law partnership (on RG-SC form).  In view of the resumption of activity you should amend your entry in the CEIDG.  
Report resumption of civil-law partnership.

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