Suspension of activity in CEIDG is not complex - it takes place in a single window, so you do not have to fill in and send additional forms to other offices (e.g. Central Statistical Office, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), the Tax Office).  
In the case of notifying suspension to CEIDG of the activity within the framework of a civil-law partnership by an entrepreneur - partner of civil-law partnership in an entry in the CEIDG there is information about the suspension of the company.  The suspension of the exercise of economic activity of a civil-law partnership is effective provided that it was suspensed by all shareholders.  The company should previously give notification of the suspension to Central Statistical Office (RG-OP form) and to the competent head of the tax office (NIP-2). Resumption of activity in the context of a civil-law partnership requires similar procedures
You can also suspend activity due to the exercise of custody of the child.  For more information, see the article Suspension of economic activity — taking care of a child.

Which day of the month should I suspend my activity?

Please note that it is not possible to suspend activity retrospectively - it is particularly important when you want to submit an application at the office (the date of submission of the application is the date of signature at the office).  If you plan to suspend the activity e.g. since 1 April, at the latest on the same day you should submit application to the office.  Where the date coincides with a bank holiday, you should go to the office at any working day before the end of the month (e.g. on 28 April notify the suspension since 1 May). If you submit an application by electronic means by the so-called anonymous mode, i.e. requiring proof of identity and signing the application at the office, please note that the date of submission of the application is the day on which you sign it at the municipal office (and not the day on which you sent the application).

Before you apply, think from which day you wish to suspend activity.  You can do this at any time, but remember that if you are insured in ZUS and you suspend activity during the month, you'll have to pay both health contribution for the entire month as well as social contributions in proportion to the number of days in the month in which the activity was active.  More detailed information on suspension of activities, settlement of contributions and the continuation of insurance in ZUS can be found in an interactive guide - I suspend conducting economic activity

Where can I submit application?

Application for suspension of economic activity can be submitted in a number of ways.  Traditional method is a visit to the nearest office of the commune/town.  You can print and fill in the form downloaded from the CEIDG webiste (forms and instructions can be found at the botom of th page).  You can file your application also by post (registered mail), but be aware that it will be valid only if signed and certified by a notary.  The date of lodging of the application is in this case  the date of dispatch of the letter.  Where an application submitted to the office contains errors  you can be asked to correct or complete the application within 7 working days.  It is therefore important to indicate in the application the updated contact details

Much more convenient for you will be preparing the application electronically. 

Electronic form on the CEIDG website.

The advantage of online application is, inter alia, that most of the necessary data is filled in automatically on the basis of entry in the CEIDG, without having to place them personally.  If you fill in an applicaton under the anonymous mode, i.e. without electronic signature, within 7 days from the date of completion of the application you should visit the nearest municipality/city office  in order to prove your identity. Go to the office with a code (application number) obtained from  CEIDG, during filling.  Office worker will find the application after the application code, will print it, submit to sign and confirm in the system.  In this case, the date of submission of the application shall be the date on which you sign an application at the office.  This means that you can suspend activity on the day of signing of the application (visit at the office) or at a later date indicated in the application.  Address and details of the nearest  municipality or city office, can be found in the search engine of institutions.

Fill in, sign and submit the application online

If you have an electronic signature or trusted profile, all the formalities related to the suspension of activity can be done online on the CEIDG website, without having to visit the office. Signed  and completed form can be sent online.

More:  electronic signature, trusted profile — see how to obtain them.

When a request for suspension of business  is invalid the CEIDG system informs you and helps to correct errors.

Report the suspension by telephone 

If you wish to report suspension in CEIDG, you can also do this by telephone. Contact the Help Center (tel.: 801 055 088 or 22 765 67 32).  The consultant will help you to fill in an application for amendment of the entry in CEIDG following the suspension of activity.  After the conversation, you will receive a text message with a code (number of application).  With this number go to the city council/local or district authority.  The official will print your application and submit it for your signature.

How to complete the application?  The necessary formalities

The application for suspension of the exercise of economic activity shall contain the following information (listed in Article 25(1) points 1-3, 5 and 10 of the Act on freedom of economic activity:

  • entrepreneur's company and his personal identification number (PESEL), if available;
  • date of birth of the entrepreneur;
  • statistical identification number of entrepreneur (REGON), where applicable;
  • tax identification number (NIP);
  • the designation of a place of residence and residential address of entrepreneur, address for deliveries  and addresses where an economic activity is carried out, including principal place of conducting business and a branch, if any;  these data are in accordance with code designations adopted in the National Official Register of territorial division of the country, if possible in a given case;
  • statement of non-employment of workers,
  • alternatively, the information on suspension of activity in order to exercise personal child care (find out more on this topic).

ln CEIDG-1 application in column number 01 tick box number 3 "Application for information on suspension of business activity".

Under the above mentioned catalogue of information which the application contains, in CEIDG-1 form the following columns and boxes must be filled: 03.3, 03.4, 03.5, 03.6, 03.7, 03.13, 04, 05, 07, 10, 11.1- 3, 0.6 (only for the name of the company), 13.1.2, 14, 17 ( and 26 and the relevant parts of CEIDG-SC in the case of civil partnerships). In addition, farmer (member of farmer's family) who continues the farmers' social insurance scheme, while carrying out non-agricultural economic activity shall indicate in column 13 the name of the field unit of KRUS handling his case.

The application for suspension can be at the same time an application for modification of an entry, e.g. the address for service.

We will inform the competent authorities for you

CEIDG shall transmit electronically, without delay, information on suspension of the entrepreneur's business: to a competent head of a tax office, the Central Statistical Office, the Social Insurance Institution or the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund.  The information shall be made available to the relevant authorities, to bodies which administer registers of regulated activities and to the authorities competent for issuing permits and licences (those who have granted such entitlements and included information in this regard in your entry in the CEIDG).

In case of suspension of the performance of certain regulated activities, it is necessary to notify seperately the authority which granted the entitlements (e.g. licenses).  

In case of the suspension of activity of a civil-law partnership, please submit the relevant forms to the Statistical Office (RG-OP) and the tax office (NIP-2) and record this information (each of the partners) in CEIDG by completing box 26 of the application for modification of an entry.  Find out more about the notification of changes to the CEIDG and deregistration from insurance.

If you have any queries, contact our Help Centre.

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