Before you start

If you plan to open business activity but do not have enough cash at hand for the start, it is worth to find out about various forms of financing available for entrepreneurs and choose the one which suits your best needs and possibilities.


In principle, an establishment may be financed by two major sources: internal and external.

Internal forms of financing are your private assets and income generated from your activity.
External financing is among others short-term and log-term credits, loans, as well as all kinds of public means in the field of financial support of business activity, which you may obtain from many sources, for example the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development PARP or the District Labor Offices.

Find out more in section Financial support

Business plan

If you already have an idea for your business and you are looking for an investor, you must provide him with an offer. This works similarly when applying for funds from the Labor Office for opening a business activity, or obtaining financial support from EU funds. Remember, that your business activity, or your idea for a business are simply a product for the potential investor. If the product is attractive and gives a chance for profit, you will be able to get external financing for a start or for development. You main task is to develop a business plan. This is nothing else than a simulation of your business, showing what the costs of operations shall, be and the potential profit. You must show, what you intend to do, who you want it to sell to, what you need to start and develop operations, and what shall the incurred costs be.

If you don't know how to write a business plan, we can help you, find out more in section Business plan.


If you have an idea for a business but you do not know how to start, or what to expect, you may take advantage of courses for entrepreneurs, or for persons wanting to start business activity.

We have selected, as an example, a few institutions to which you can turn to for help.
For this purpose, refer to section Counseling for start-ups.


If you already know that your activity shall involve, among others, dispatching goods abroad or providing services beyond Poland, you should get acquainted with support mechanisms for exporters

Restrictions you must remember about

Remember, that in case of certain types of activity, you must meet additional requirements, for example you must not have a criminal record or you must have relevant education.

You can find out more on detailed requirements imposed on entrepreneurs in section Restrictions in operating business activity

Start-up package for new companies

Since 30 April 2018, new facilities have been introduced for entrepreneurs starting their business.

  • If you run a small business (e.g. small trade or services), you can take advantage of the provisions on so-called non-registered activity and avoid the obligation to register your business.
  • If you register an activity, you can take advantage of the ZUS relief and pay only health insurance contributions for 6 months.

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