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Financing before registration of business activity

Loans for business start-ups

If you are:

  • A school graduate (including vocational school) or a university graduate (within 48 months of completing school education or obtaining a professional degree),
  • A student of the last year of education, or
  • Unemployed,

You may apply for a loan in the amount of PLN 75,000.00 to start your business. Under the "First business - start-up support" program implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, low-interest loans (less than 1% per year) have been made available. A young entrepreneur has a maximum of 7 years to pay back the loan.

If you do not know how to apply for a start-up loan, we can help you. Please refer to additional information.

One-off subsidies for business start-ups

If you are:

  • Unemployed,
  • A graduate of a social integration center, or
  • A graduate of social integration clubs,

You are able to obtain a one-off subsidy from the Labor Fund for staring-up your business activity. This grant is non-refundable. But remember, that before you can obtain it, you must register as unemployed and apply for this kind of financial support before registering your business activity.

If you do not know how to obtain support from the Labor Fund, we can help you. Please refer to additional information.

Financing before the start of business and in the beginning of its operation

Guarantee funds

If you are not part of any of the privileged groups who are entitled (as above) to preferential forms of financial support, and you need money to start your business, you must bear in mind, that you have very low chances to get a bank loan. Only a few banks grant loans to beginning entrepreneurs.

In order to get a loan, you need a guarantee  - that is security on other property, which guarantees payback. If you don't have such property, there are guarantee mechanisms that allow you to get such guarantee. One of them is the National System of Services (Krajowy System Usług - KSU). The KSU is an institution, which directly offers loan funds or credit/loan guarantees. It is an institution of a non-profit nature. There are almost 100 entities in Poland operating within its framework, the list of which you can find HERE.

JEREMIE initiative


  • You are starting operations (start-up),
  • You do not have a credit record, or
  • You do not have security of appropriate value,

But you would like to open/you are operating business activity in one the following voivodeships:

You may take advantage of financial instruments (loans, credits, guarantees) available within the JEREMIE initiative (Joint European Resources for Micro-to-Medium Enterprises), that is a program of the European Union created by the European Commission. If you want to know more on the JEREMIE initiative, refer to additional information

Seed capital funds

If your business has great innovation potential, and you do not have the money for a start, then seed capital funds, that is venture capital (VC), can be an interesting solution.

This solution allows you to get not only financial means for development but also professional support and access to the market and business contacts.

Remember, that a VC investor shall grant you support in exchange for the right to interfere in your business. This often requires surrendering control over your company to the investor (in exchange for support, he gets most of the shares, or guarantees himself the right to have influence on strategic decisions). VC is a solution, which allows concentrating on developing your ideas, but you must be sure that the investor has the same goal as you do. It is important to develop a strategy for the exit of the investor early at the start - that is to indicate when and under what conditions you may regain control over your business.

Do you want to know more on seed capital funds? We can help you, please refer to additional information.

Business angels

A similar form of financial support to venture capital is cooperation with business angels (angel investors), that is persons, who have their own capital and would like to allocate it to external financing of enterprises and ideas. In exchange of financial support, they receive a minority share in the enterprise. Business angels are frequently grouped in Business Environment Institutions (BEI).

Are you looking for a business angel? We can help you. Please refer to additional information.

Financial support for entrepreneurs

European Union funds

In the new financial perspective between 2014 and 2020, enterprises can raise funds for grants under the new Smart Growth operational program. This means, that every entrepreneur will be able to raise funds for such tasks as: support of conducting R&D, increasing scientific research potential or supporting innovations. The planned pool of funds intended for use in the Smart Growth operational program is approx. EUR 8.5 billion. Before staring business activity, it is worth checking what conditions should be met in order to obtain financial support as an entrepreneur.

You do not know how to obtain support from European Union funds. We can help you, please refer to additional information.


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