Soft loan for graduates to start a business

In the framework of the project "Support for the first business' for the development of entrepreneurship and the creation of conditions for job creation will be allocated PLN 500 million. The maximum amount which an individual entrepreneur may obtain is 20 times the average salary.  Furthermore, one year grace period to repay the capital is possible.  

For the loan may apply:

  • unemployed persons irrespective of age, registered at the Labour Office.
  • graduates of the private or State universities within a period of 4 years since obtaining a diploma,
  • graduates of secondary school within a period of 4 years from obtaining the diploma,
  • students in their final year of study. 

Support for the first business —  is not only a financial service.  If you apply for a loan, you will also receive advice directly in the institutions where you submit documents. 

As an entrepreneur you will also receive free advice and training on setting up a business, forms of taxation and accounting.  In addition, if the amount granted was not sufficient, you have the possibility to apply for a loan for the amount of PLN 25,000

The programme was initiated by the Ministry of the Family, Labour and Social Policy. 

More information on the programme, the maximum amount of the loan and interest rates can be found on the website "Support for the first business"


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