Change of a place of use of fiscal cash register

If you change a place of business you can transfer there your fiscal cash register.  Remember to complete a number of formalities. 


The transfer of cash register to a different place — what needs to be done

Notification to the tax office

You have 7 days from the change of place of cash register to notify of this the tax office.  You report the change on an update notification of data relating to the cash register.  If you wish to make notification, you can do so with the assistance of

If the change of place implies a change in the jurisdiction of the Tax Office, the application for registration of cash register with the existing record number must be submitted to a new Tax Office (according to the new place of use).  You need to include information on the previous Tax Office. 


Change in the book of cash register and memory

You must include a new address of a point of sale in a book of cash register and change data in the memory of  cash register (new address of the point of sale).  Change of place of use of cash register does not require reading memory of fiscal cash register. 

Remember!  If a change of the place of conducted activity is related to the change of NIP number, you need to buy and register a new cash register. 


Legal basis

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