What types of records should be conducted when you settle in the form of a tax card?

If you conduct business and settle in the form of a tax card, your records keeping obligations will be much smaller than in the case of other forms of taxation ( tax scale, lump sum taxation).  You are exempt from the obligation to keep books, submit tax returns and make advance payments on the income tax.  
If you begin to settle in the form of the tax card, you must submit an application for a tax card taxation PIT-16. You should submit the application by the 20 January of the tax year in question.  Upon receipt of the PIT-16 tax return, the tax authority shall calculate the amount of the tax and its payment in a given year.  The tax reduced by paid sickness insurance contribution is paid by the seventh day of the month for the previous month and for December by 28 December of the tax year.  Please note that in the case of settlement in the form of a tax card, you do not have the possibility of quarterly payments on income tax.  
By 31 January of the tax year, you must submit an annual return to the tax office PIT-16A (declaration of health insurance contributions, paid and deducted from tax card in particular months of the tax year). PIT-16 may be also submitted to CEIDG application.


What are my obligations when I settle in the form of a tax card?  

Choosing a tax card does not mean the lack of duties.  Be aware that if you settle in this form you should:  

You also need to inform the head of the tax office about changes in relation to the application of taxation in the form of a tax card (PIT-16). It relates to changes which will lead to the loss of conditions for taxation in the form of a tax card or have an impact on the amount of income tax in the form of a card (including employment, the place of business, the nature and scope of the activity, the number of hours spent for giving lessons).  
You should also inform the head of tax office about liquidation of activity.  
You submit information about the changes in the application for a tax card or liquidation of activity on PIT-16Z form.


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