Company car

Car ownership in a company often raises doubts of entrepreneurs  concerning the possibility of classifying particular expenditures connected with the purchase or utilization to tax costs. Therefore, we have prepared for you the material which describes which expenditure for a car may be deemed as cost.

If you want to know more — check the material Tax costs related to car use.

From 1 July 2015 there are new rules on the deduction of VAT on the purchase of the vehicles and their fuels in the case of car use in both business and private life (mixed use).

We have prepared for you information on this subject in the article Deduction of VAT on the purchase of fuel and operating costs.

If you make company car available to workers to use for private purposes, this entails specific obligations, also in the field of taxes and duties to ZUS.

If you want to know more, please read articles The use of company cars for private purposes and Calculation of contributions to ZUS for the employee using the company car.

In order to facilitate your understanding of the issue of the use of the car in the company, we have created an interactive guide - Cars in the company.

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