The choice of accounting office

If you decide to entrust keeping accounts of your business to an external body, the choice of the accounting office should be carefully considered.  You are about to sign a contract with an entity responsible for a very important aspect of the business activity and errors and oversights may lead to serious consequences.

What should we pay attention to when selecting the accounting office:

  • References  - are valuable information obtained from other entrepreneurs concerning reliability, quality of cooperation and cost of the service in the particular office.  As in the case of each of the services, a lot of information can be found on the Internet forum.  However, one should pay attention to unfair practice of spreading incorrect information by substituted forum users .  Preferably, when information originates from the entrepreneurs of similar size and profile of activity and from the same city. Different range of services and location of offices have a direct impact on the cost of service (sometimes an entrepreneur wrongly assesses the accountancy office in Warsaw as a very expensive in comparison with a similar one e.g. in Jelenia Góra)
  • Agreement — see the draft agreement with the chosen  accountancy office.  It is necessary to analyse the scope of services, method of  charging for services and issues related to transfer of documents.  The deadlines for the submission of accounting documents and the receipt of reports and statements from the office must comply with  rhytm of your company - the accounting office should make the life of economic operators easier and not vice versa. When you start economic activity you expect that it will develop well, so it is good to read in advance the costs of additional services (additional reports, payroll services,  maintenance payments, etc.).  Do not be afraid to ask questions and analyse the particular points of agreement -  we should not act hastily in this matter.
  • Insurance  - check whether the accounting office has up-to-date liability insurance (although, in theory, it is mandatory).  An up-to-date insurance and a good agreement secure from errors that an entrepreneur might not have an influence on, or even awareness of their occurrence.

The accounting office and tax advisory

You should know that from 2014, the obligation to have a special certificate from the Ministry of Finance for accounting services was repealed. This means that keeping accounts and records related to the business activity may be entrusted to the companies whose employees do not have special licences.  Those companies cannot, however, provide tax consultancy services including giving advice, opinions and explanations of tax obligations - only licensed advisers are entitled to do it.  The tax adviser must pass the State examination.

Tax consultancy activities are subject to liability insurance and a tax adviser is bound by professional secrecy. It must be noted that a tax adviser may act as a representative in tax proceedings before the tax authorities, as well as in administrative proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court, with the possibility to file a cassation.  Each adviser must be a member of the National Chamber of Tax Advisers, which shall ensure the proper exercise of the profession.  For more information on tax advisors, visit the webiste of KIDP, you can also use the search engine of KIDP advisors

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