Social security

If you are an entrepreneur, certainly  throughout the whole time when you  run your business activities you will  have contact with the Social Insurance Office (ZUS), possibly with Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS).

Scope of obligations towards social security bodies are affected by a number of factors such as: whether you have concluded additionally a contract with employer, whether you employ workers or whether a member of family helps you with running business activity.

Sections on insurance contain information on:

In particular sections you will find not only practical information but also useful links to template forms, guides issued by ZUS and interactive guides for entrepreneurs.

If you intend to post your employees to work abroad or temporarily provide cross-border services, please consult principles on the coordination of social security systems in EU.

The materials prepared for you will provide you with information on medical treatment of person carrying out cross-border business activity.

Note! Since 30 April 2018, within the framework of the Constitution of Business, new facilities have been introduced for entrepreneurs starting their business. If you register an activity you can take advantage of the ZUS relief and pay only health insurance contributions for 6 months.

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