Pregnancy and childcare

Maternity allowance can be granted to a person conducting non-agricultural economic activity who in the period covered by the sickness insurance (prerequisite) gave birth to a child or adopted for upbringing a child (up to 7 years or 10 years of age in the case of a child whose compulsory education has been postponed) and applied to the court for its adoption or adopted child within a foster family (except for professional foster family). It follows from the above that men are also entitled to receive allowance.

Sickness insurance — Prerequisites

Entrepreneur subject to voluntary sickness insurance is entitled to maternity allowance. Maternity allowance, as opposed to a sickness allowance (where there is a need for continuous period of being subject to sickness insurance for a period of 90 days) is applicable from the first day of sickness insurability.

During the period of the maternity allowance, an entrepreneur may still carry out economic activity, which in practice means that he/she can still gain income from economic activities. Running business activity you are subject to compulsory health insurance, whereas you have no obligation to pay social security contributions (payment of contributions is voluntary).

The entrepreneur who receives maternity allowance is subject to compulsory old-age and disability pension insurance scheme, hence there is a  need to deregister from the insurance (from the day of birth) using the ZUS ZWUA form and register to compulsory health insurance (from the day of birth) — by the ZUS ZZA form. During the investigation, prior to making modification it is best to contact the Social Security Institution (ZUS), as for title for social security insurance is  maternity allowance, but only once the right to that allowance has been granted.

If you want to know more about existing and new rules for the calculation of the benefit, see additional information.

Duration of allowance

The duration of the period of receiving  maternity allowance is the same as for persons working under a contract of employment. Maximum duration of payment of maternity benefit is 52 weeks and is granted for periods corresponding to the periods of:

In the case of more children born or adopted the right of insured person to receive maternity allowance is longer and depending on the number of children it may be extended even up to 71 weeks.

Social insurance for entrepreneurs for  the exercise of personal care of the child

The new rules in force since September 2013, owing to which entrepreneurs have acquired the right to the payment from national budget social security contributions if during the period of personal child care they closed or suspended running of business activity.

If you want to know more about receiving the allowances during child care (equivalent of parental leave for an employee) read additional information.

If you wish to seek advice from expert, ask a question by the form.

Parental benefits

Since January 2016, the persons conducting economic activity who are not receiving  maternity allowance, shall have the right to apply for a parental allowance of PLN 1000 per month over 52 weeks (in case of multiple births or adoption of more than a one child this period may be extended up to 71 weeks). The apllication for granting an allowance must be submitted within three months following the birth of a child.  Parental benefit will not apply in a situation where at least one of the parents of the child has been granted  maternity allowance. 

The changes also apply to recipients of maternity allowance. Under the new rules, persons conducting economic activity whose maternity allowance would be lower than the parental benefit will receive compensation up to PLN 1 000.

In addition, if maternity allowance does not exceed the monthly amount of parental benefit, the persons collecting it will not be required to pay health insurance contributions from the activity.

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